Shafer teleconference news & notes

Scott Shafer addressed the media during his game-week teleconference on Tuesday.

Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer held his first teleconference of the 2014 season on Tuesday. He discussed a variety of topics including the backup quarterback battle, the defense, freshmen and more. Notes are below.

- Shafer said the team sat down with Adrian Flemming after his injury and determined he would he good to go after some rest. They decided to bring him back and have been pleased with where he's at. Looking for a strong season from him.

- Shafer hopes the fans and community comes out Friday night to support the team. Looking forward to putting a good product on the field for them to enjoy.

- Shafer says the team is ready to go. He's using the call before the storm and minimalist mentality. Plans to clean his office this afternoon.

- Likes the growth of Terrel Hunt from last season until now. The proof will be in the pudding Friday night. Staff doesn't want Hunt to think he has to win the game by himself.

- Shafer is proud of Ivan Foy and the progress he has made since the spring. He has slimmed down and gotten back in good standing academically. Impressed with his maturation as a man.

- Shafer looking for Adonis Ameen-Moore to fill the big back role that Jerome Smith had last season. He worked very hard during the offseason and is looking for a strong season from him.

- Shafer looking for his defense to play sound football against Villanova even if they do something wacky. If they "get one on us" he wants the defense to move on. Says coach Bullough will have them ready to go.

- He is not concerned about the lack of experience among his backup quarterbacks. He thinks he has three capable guys. Austin Wilson has had a strong week of practice. A.J. Long is still learning but can make plays. Mitch Kimble is improving every day.

- No difference in the approach of the defensive tackles against Villanova. Wants them to explode off the ball and make plays in the backfield.

- The freshmen defensive players in the two-deep, Zaire Franklin, Parris Bennett and Juwan Dowels earned their spots by beating out guys ahead of them. Playing time will depend on game situations.

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