Celebrating the end of camp

Junior wide receiver Ashton Broyld calls the season opener a celebration of the end of training camp. The Orange prepare for the season opener on Friday.

Ashton Broyld is one of Syracuse’s most high profile players. His abilities have been hyped for the last couple of seasons, but that has not translated into big time production quite yet.

Despite leading Syracuse in receptions last year, some had hoped for more out of the local product. Entering his junior season, Broyld figures to be a focal point of the offense once again.

”It’s been a long camp,” Broyld said. “I’m just ready to roll. Just ready to go. It’s just a celebration. We want to go out here and get a victory. Celebrate the end of the camp because after the first game, that’s when camp is really over. We’ll go out and execute and feel good about leaving that field heading into Central Michigan.”

The offense has a lot of continuity from the year before. That allows the unit to focus on a simple yet important directive.

”Our goal is to go execute and be sharp,” Broyld said. “Hopefully that’s what we can give the fans.”

The 2013 season was a growing process for both the new offensive coaching staff and all of the players. Entering their second year in offensive coordinator George McDonald’s system, both the team and the coaching staff feel much more comfortable with each other which has translated into better execution.

”Our timing,” Broyld said. “Our timing is by far the biggest improvement. Everybody knows where to go at the right time. There’s not as much panic or everybody running around confused. Everybody’s in sync. I think that’s the biggest improvement.”

The better timing allows Syracuse to push the tempo even more this season. The goal is to be the fastest offense in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

”I think last year we averaged about 70-plays per game,” Broyld said. “This year we want to average 85 to 90. We’ve been working on that really hard. Pushing the tempo and it just comes from working hard and trying to be better than last year.

”That’s another motto we go by. We figure we can get more work done in a shorter time. Go faster and harder and we’ll have a better practice.”

Broyld added that his move to the inside has not phased him. He will run whatever routes the coaching staff ask and play any position that helps the team win.

The Orange kickoff the season against Villanova Friday night at 7:30pm.

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