Live Evaluation: Jack Brotzki was able to checkout 2016 Syracuse quarterback target Jack Brotzki recently. Evaluation inside.

Jack Brotzki

School: Syracuse (N.Y.) Christian Brothers Academy
Recruiting Situation: Holds Syracuse Offer
Opponent: Henninger (9/5) and Cicero-North Syracuse (8/30)

What to Like

Brotzki was much more impressive in the scrimmage against Cicero-North Syracuse than he was in the season opener against Henninger. He is still learning the offensive system after transferring in from Jamesville-DeWitt, and is subbed out as the Brothers utilize a two-quarterback system of sorts. That said, there are a few things that stand out about Brotzki’s game.

The 6-foot-2 quarterback looks the part. He is a wide shouldered, big kid who stands tall in the pocket. He looks natural as he drops back and has the look of a traditional pocket quarterback. Brotzki’s footwork is solid and that allows him to keep his shoulder’s square when he throws.

Brotzki also has a live arm. He can really sling it in the short or intermediate passing game. He throws a pretty ball with a perfect spiral in most instances and is accurate when not on the move.

What Needs Work

Brotzki struggled with accuracy while on the move on Friday night. That resulted in two of his three interceptions, though one of those was a drop by his receiver that was deflected into the air and picked off. Still, that is something he will have to work on going forward. It was hard for Brotzki to get into a rhythm as he was subbed out in different packages.

Like most quarterbacks, Brotzki did not respond well to pressure. He would get “happy feet” in the pocket whenever Henninger brought extra rushers, which resulted in poor throws or taking a sack rather than throwing it away.

The biggest area of improvement for Brotzki is deep ball accuracy. When throwing the ball down the field, he sailed the ball over his intended target’s head multiple times. As he looks towards the next level, he has to connect on those opportunities.

Final Thought

Brotzki is a solid prospect with plenty of upside. You can’t teach size and arm strength. He has solid footwork and solid throwing motion mechanics. There is still plenty to work on, but he is only a junior in high school learning a new system.

As he gets more comfortable within the playbook, he should develop as the season progresses. That will allow him to relax and let his natural abilities take over. It was rare to see Brotzki make a poor decision with the ball during the two live events I was able to attend. That is promising in looking at what he could become.

But three interceptions as he threw against Henninger is just too many. There is plenty of promise but Brotzki has to continue to work to correct some areas of concern.

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