Hunt struggles with Accuracy against Maryland

Terrel Hunt struggled with accuracy on his throws in Syracuse's 34-20 loss to Maryland on Saturday.

Terrel Hunt was off on Saturday. After a sharp performance against Central Michigan where he was on the money with nearly every throw, Hunt’s arm failed him against Maryland.

The stats are not pretty. Hunt was 14-28 passing for 219-yards and an interception. Only completing 50% of his passes is one thing, but it is how he arrived at that number that was the most troublesome.

Hunt was erratic with his throws all afternoon. From missing wide open Brisly Estime multiple times with overthrows to throwing behind Ben Lewis on a third down to making the wrong read on his interception, Hunt just could not consistently put the ball where he wanted.

“We were close on a couple slants,” offensive coordinator George McDonald said. “I think it’s always easy to blame the quarterback. However, it was a combination of mistakes. We had more drops today than we have had in the last two games. Sometimes the ball is not going to be hundred percent where you want it and that’s why the other guys have to make plays.

”We will go back and look at the tape, but It is unfortunate we left some plays out on the field. We had our opportunity to score points and change the game but we couldn’t do it.”

Too many times Syracuse was close, but just missed on plays that stalled drives. Hunt’s accuracy was a large part of that. While Hunt may not be an elite precision passer, the erratic nature of his throws was out of character. Often when he had open receivers, he missed them or never saw them.

“It’s the little things we have to take care of,” Hunt said. “I feel like we were unstoppable when we got into a rhythm. We were going up and down the field but it was the little things that killed us like penalties or misreads or just the wrong routes and once we get that fixed we will be unstoppable.”

Hunt was very good with his legs (he ran for 156-yards and two touchdowns), but could not consistently move the ball with his arm. Against Central Michigan, Hunt was 20-30 and hit open receivers in stride. Yes the level of the opponent is up a notch, but the plays were still there to be made. He will look to correct them going forward.

“I don’t really like moral victories because you lose,” Hunt said. “On the bright side you see where we are going as an offense, passing wise, rushing wise, you can see things opening up. We wish we would have won but we’ll go back to the drawing board.”

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