Commits & Recruits Confident in SU Against ND

Syracuse faces Notre Dame in a nationally televised game Saturday night. While the Orange are underdogs entering the game, several of their commits and recruiting targets are confident in their ability to pull off the upset.

Syracuse commits and recruits are not phased by the Orange’s performance against Maryland. They expect a bounce back performance and even an upset victory over Notre Dame.


3-star RB Dontae Strickland: “Cuse on an upset 24-21.”

3-star CB Gerald Robinson: “There’s no question Syracuse is going to bounce back this week. Mark my word.”

3-star RB Tyrone Perkins: “Cuse 21-10.”

3-star OL Colin Byrne: “I’m going to be up there for the game. 23-20 Cuse.”

3-star OL Sam Clausman: “Cuse 35-28 in overtime.”

S Treevon Prater: “Syracuse all the way!”

3-star LB Shyheim Cullen: “I’m feeling Cuse.”

3-star S Christopher Fredrick: “Cuse of course.”

2-star TE West Lindor: “It’s going to be a good game if we contain Golson and limit his receivers. If our offense puts points on the board then it’s an upset.”

2-star CB Daivon Ellison: “Should be an interesting game. As long as we keep the penalties low and stay mistake free.”

3-star DE Brandon Ginnetti: “I like the underdogs! Cuse!”

3-star LB Troy Henderson: “Cuse 31 ND 27.”

2-star DT Anthony Giudice: “I think Syracuse is going to come in all fired up and walk away with a tremendous win! Can’t wait!”

Recruiting Targets

2015 3-star S Jazzee Stocker: “I would say Cuse but ND is the better team going into this one.”

2015 3-star DE Gus Cumberlander: “Cuse.”

2015 3-star LB Doyle Grimes: “Cuse.”

2016 3-star WR Jovani Haskins: “Cuse!”

2016 LB Koby Quansah: “Cuse.”

2016 OL Noah DeHond: “Well it’s not going to be an easy game for either side. SU definitely is going to be fighting an uphill battle since ND is as good as they are. Not having Broyld hurts too but if the o-line plays dominantly then I can see no reason they can’t win. But we’ll see.”

2016 WR Isaiah Wright: “Cuse.”

2016 CB Isaiah Brown: “It would be a crazy upset if Cuse won but with Ashton out and the way Golson is playing, I have to say ND.”

2017 WR Noah Jordan-Williams: “That’s a tough one. I’ve got to go with Cuse though.”

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