Hall Draws Chandler Jones Comparison

Syracuse is after a talented 2016 defensive end, who happens to have a former Orange player on his coaching staff.

Antwon Bailey had a productive career during his playing days at Syracuse. He ran for over 2,100 yards, finished averaging nearly five yards per carry and had 15 total touchdowns. Now, Bailey is the offensive coordinator at St. John’s College High School in Washington (D.C.).

One of his players, 2016 defensive end Terrell Hall, picked up an offer from his alma matter on Monday.

”He’s very rangy,” Bailey said. “He’s 6-5, 6-6 and he’s a very rangy guy. I think he fools a lot of people with his quickness because he’s very aggressive. I don’t think people think he’s going to come off the ball that way. He’s impossible to block especially in the passing game. He defends the run deceptively well.

”He’s a guy that goes both ways for me playing offense and defense. He’s just a physical guy. Whatever it takes to win. Also, I told the guys at Syracuse this when I sent them his film, he reminds me so much of Chandler Jones.”

Bailey committed to Syracuse as part of the 2008 recruiting class. Now, he is on the other side of it with one of the players he coaches receiving division one interest. It’s especially meaningful to have his school involved.

”It’s a joy,” Bailey said. “Having one of my guys succeed for one but then also to have him offered by Syracuse. I think that’s great from both ends of the spectrum. Both me as his coach and then being a Syracuse alum. This is a guy that I would love wearing Orange one day.”

Just because Bailey wants to see him in Central New York does not mean he will push him in that direction. First and foremost, according to Bailey, the process is about what is best for Hall.

”Of course I will give him my two cents about Syracuse,” he said. “Tell him all of the wonderful things that I loved when I was up there. Especially during the recruiting process. At the end of the day, it’s about what’s best for him. It’s all about him. What Syracuse has in its favor is that I do know what goes on up there. I had a pretty decent career there.”

Hall and Bailey have had some communication since the offer came. Bailey has told Hall about the Chandler Jones comparison, but more in-depth discussions will happen in the future.

”Most of our talking so far has been through text messages,” Bailey said. “I just finished texting with him. He was telling me, after everything went down, that he was watching Chandler right then on Monday Night Football. More will definitely go on in the near future. But he was definitely excited about the offer.”

Bailey added that he is pleased with the direction of the program and thinks Scott Shafer can bring Syracuse back to prominence.

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