Huber Raves About Syracuse Visit

Junior wide receiver Kolton Huber recaps his first visit to Syracuse inside.

Syracuse has put an emphasis on getting back into New Jersey from a recruiting perspective. They have landed two players from the Garden State in the 2015 class and will look for more in 2016. Junior Jersey City (N.J.) St. Peter’s wide receiver Kolton Huber visited the Orange for the first time over the weekend.

”I first arrived on the campus around four o’clock (Friday),” Huber said. “I was introduced to some of the (graduate assistants). Then we went over to the Carrier Dome. We went down to the field and I got to talk to coach Acosta a little bit. I went up in the stands and got to watch the full game. After the game I went back down onto the field and talked to coach Acosta again.

”The next day, I met with coach Acosta at about 10:45 at Manley Field House. He took me around to all of the facilities. Then I got a chance to go on a full tour of the campus as well. I really enjoyed it.”

Bobby Acosta is working on developing a strong relationship with the 6-foot-1 wideout. The two spent a lot of time discussing where Huber stands on Syracuse’s radar and the status of a scholarship offer.

”Coach Acosta and I have had a good relationship so far communicating through Facebook,” he said. “We had a chance to talk about my evaluation so far. I just finished my junior midseason highlight. He had a chance to watch that before I came up. He’s going to watch it again next week once they finish with their 2015 recruiting class. He’s going to watch it himself, evaluate it and grade it. Then he’s going to watch it with the offensive coordinator, coach McDonald. Then hopefully have a chance to watch it with coach Shafer as well.

”Then we talked about football and the game itself. He asked me about my season and how everything was going. We also run basically the same offensive scheme. We were talking about the plays because he has a good relationship with my offensive coordinator. So I was telling him about some of the plays that we run that are similar or the same.”

During his time in the Carrier Dome Friday night, he took in what game day is like at Syracuse. Despite the result on the field, Huber had only positive things to say about his experience.

”The game day atmosphere was great,” Huber said. “It’s called ‘The Loud House’ for a reason. It was really loud and it wasn’t even full too. It was just a great experience and great to be with the crowd and see fan support and just the overall great support of the fans.

”The atmosphere on the field before the game when the players were warming up was great. Everyone was so excited to get out there and play.”

During the game, Huber paid close attention to the offense the Orange were running. In fact, one Syracuse receiver allowed him to ponder how he would fit into their system.

”Coach Acosta told me before the game to put myself in a position where I thought I could fit into their offense,” Huber said. “During our tour the next day, he thought I could be just like Ben Lewis, their receiver number 84. I felt the same way during the game.

”Coach Acosta said he thinks I’m the same exact body type and play the same way that Ben plays. I definitely feel the same exact way. Coach Acosta actually said he thinks I’m actually quicker. He’s a great player and I loved watching him. I feel like I do play the same exact way.”

The entire trip, conversations with coach Acosta and game day experience led to a raving review from Huber.

”I have very, very big interest level in Syracuse,” Huber said. “Not only athletically, but academically as well. I want to study business or communications in college and they have great business and communications schools. I actually got to go on a tour of the business school. I loved being on campus and I loved the atmosphere. I loved seeing the fans on campus with all of the support they have.

”After getting home and reflecting on it, I definitely loved it and loved my time there. I definitely want to get up there for another visit after my season to be able to have more interaction with players and coaches. Coach Acosta said he really wants to get me back up for another visit.”

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