Will Florida Recruits Leave if McDonald Does?

CuseNation.com spoke to some of Syracuse's 2015 commits from Florida to find out what their reaction would be if George McDonald decided to leave Syracuse after the season.

Syracuse has six players committed as part of the 2015 class from Florida. They include kicker Sterling Hofrichter, cornerback Andrew Spence, defensive end Dana Levine, offensive lineman Colin Byrne, offensive lineman Sam Clausman and cornerback Gerald Robinson. CuseNation.com reached out to each and received the following responses regarding what their reaction would be if George McDonald left the program after this season.

Sam Clausman: "Yes (I would stay committed). My word is my word. I haven't looked at any other colleges since committing to SU. I could have gone to camps in the summer and looked at other schools but I told the coaches my word is my word."

Andrew Spence: "Yes I would (stay committed."

Colin Byrne: "Well I can't tell you a reaction until it happens. Coach McDonald is a fantastic coach and they are lucky to have him in any part of the team. I will still strive to have a good relationship with him whether he's my offensive coordinator or not."

Sterling Hofrichter has no other offers and has said numerous times he is fully committed to Syracuse. He also would not likely reconsider his commitment.

The likelihood of players currently on the roster leaving is slim as well. Freshman wide receive Steve Ishmael, while expressing his support and reverence for McDonald, said he would not consider transferring. In fact, he is making sure Alin Edouard joins him in January. McDonald has stated players should commit to a school not a coach. It looks like he has done a good job at selling Syracuse so his recruits follow that advice.

McDonald has been Syracuse's primary recruiter in Florida, one of the most talent-rich states in the country. He has done a nice job grabbing several key Orange recruits over the last two years. They include Steve Ishmael, Alin Edouard, Antwan Cordy, Cordell Hudson, Brisly Estime, Sean Avant and P.J. Batten among others.

It will be certainly be interesting to monitor this situation going forward.

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