CuseNation TV: Bullough Previews Wake Forest

Syracuse defensive coordinator breaks down Wake Forest and attacking a freshman quarterback inside.


On doing a better job tackling the QB: "He's (Jameis Winston) a tough guy to get down. He didn't have a lot of sacks coming into the game either when you study the film. A lot of times guys have him but he shakes them. He's a very strong individual. He also gets rid of the ball when he gets pressure. He gets rid of it fast before you can get to him."

On facing a struggling Wake offense: "I wouldn't say you feel better. I think they're more evenly talented instead of, Florida State has some really talented offensive linemen and obviously their skill positions. I think it's more of a game where we match up with them athletically."

On facing true freshman QB John Wolford: "You try to get to the quarterback and rattle everyone. But obviously the older ones like Notre Dame and the Florida State quarterback we just played, they don't get rattled as easily. Not saying that he gets rattled. You just have to get to him and hopefully the pressure can rattle him a little bit. He's pretty poised. He's a tough kid because he gets hit a lot. He gets right back up every play."

On bringing more pressure against a true freshman: "We'll see how the game goes. Obviously they had a bye week so they will have some extra stuff that we have not seen. We'll just have to see what our game plan is as the game progresses."

On Wake Forest's skill position talent: "They've got good receivers. Their tight end is actually their leading receiver so he makes a lot of plays. Kind of like Florida State's tight end. So we're going to have to make sure we take care of him. I don't think they're as fast as Florida State, but they're good receivers. They make some plays."

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