Lydon feels at home during Syracuse official

Four-star Syracuse commit Tyler Lydon, part of one of the best 2015 classes in college basketball, took his official visit over the weekend. He recaps his trip, spending time with players, discussions with the coaching staff about the NCAA inquiry and more inside.

Four-star New Hampton (N.H.) School forward Tyler Lydon has been committed to Syracuse for over a year. He took his official visit to his future home over the weekend.

”Friday, I arrived at like 4:00 or 4:30pm,” Lydon said. “I sat in and watched a practice, which went really well. After that I went back to the hotel and got checked in there and everything. Then me and the coaching staff went out to dinner, which went really well once again.”

The rest of Friday was spent relaxing with some of the Syracuse players. On Saturday, Lydon went back to practice where Syracuse scrimmaged. A big portion of the day was spent meeting with academic advisors and other members of the basketball staff.

”I met with an academic advisor and some of the people that help with the team,” Lydon said. “The tutors and stuff. Then I met with the strength and conditioning coach. Coach Hopkins gave me a really quick tour of the campus and showed me around a little bit.”

This visit was different than previous trips to his future home. While he had been on campus before, he only had a limited view of Syracuse University.

”I had only been up for a couple of elite camps,” Lydon said. “I’ve only seen the Carmelo Anthony Center and the Dome, really. I’ve never really seen the campus. I liked it all. I thought that everything was really nice about the campus and about the city. It gave me a really good feel of what I’ll be doing next year and over the summer. I’m looking forward to it.”

A big highlight of the visit was being able to spend time with his future teammates.

”It definitely felt like home,” Lydon said. “Especially because you’re with the guys on the team a lot. The guys on the team are really cool and I love the coaching staff. They made me feel at home as well. I was with the coaching staff quite a bit with all the dinners and stuff. As far as the guys, I was with Trevor Cooney. He was my host. I hung out with Kaleb.

”I hung out with Chris McCullough, I hung out with Rakeem, I hung out with B.J. Johnson, with Ron Patterson. I think at one point it was the whole team. So I really got to hang out with everybody a little bit at some point. We were just all hanging out at Trevor’s apartment. Really, I just like hanging out. We played a little X-Box, watching football games and stuff. That’s all we really did and it was a lot of fun.”

Lydon also spent time discussing what his role will be when he arrives on campus next summer. It was news that made him even more excited about his collegiate career.

”They talked about what they thought could happen with me in their system,” Lydon said. “It was all really good news. They just said that they see me playing the four but maybe playing a little bit of the three. Just all that stuff. It was all really good news.”

Syracuse basketball has been in the news for some not-so-positive reasons of late. An upcoming NCAA hearing is swirling around the program, and the coaches addressed the issue with Lydon..

”I actually didn’t hear about it until I got up there,” he said. “The coaching staff told me all about it and everything and what was going on. They said that they could either be in a lot of trouble or something minor might happen.

”But either way they’re going to get punished for it. They seemed OK about it. It’s something they have to accept. That all went well too.”

Overall, the visit went very well and did nothing but amp up Lydon’s anticipation for donning the Orange jersey.

”In general, my entire official I thought went very well,” Lydon said. “There was a lot of great news from the coaches. I heard a lot of great stuff that I liked hearing about the players and how close they are and everything. Just seeing the campus in general. It’s a beautiful campus. Something I can really get accustomed to and grow to love. I can’t wait to call that place home.”

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