'Cuse Commitment Calculator

CuseNation.com fires up the commitment calculator to see who is the most likely to end up as part of Syracuse's 2015 recruiting class.

Syracuse’s 2015 class saw a flurry of activity early but has been largely silent commitment wise of late. Despite that, there have been many twists and turns over the last couple of months. With that in mind, CuseNation.com has fired up the commitment calculator once again to see who could wind up in Orange.

The scale is 1-star to 5-stars, with 5-stars being most likely to commit to Syracuse.

DE Qaadir Sheppard: 4-star - The three-star in-state talent is still high on Syracuse’s radar. He insists he still has interest in the Orange and is eyeing a December 5th official date. I’ve always had a feeling that he would end up at Syracuse and I’m not backing off of that now.

DE Amir Ealey: 1-star – Ealey, while insisting he still has interest in Syracuse and wants to take an official, has always had a recruitment that has felt like Syracuse was a secondary option. It seems like a recruitment that could end up with him in Pittsburgh or Virginia.

LB/DE Jordan Fox: 3-stars - Fox is looking to take an official soon and has Syracuse in his final three. Stanford should be considered the favorite, but the Orange are going to pursue him until the end. Bobby Acosta has been working very hard on Fox for some time.

S Jazzee Stocker: 2-stars – Stocker is another case similar to Ealey where he has taken things slow and maintained his interest in the Orange. Despite that, this again has the feel of Syracuse being a secondary option. He may take an official visit, but it’ll be tough for them to win this one.

DT Jamal Milan: 3-stars – It’s been a while since we’ve heard much from Milan. Syracuse and Illinois are considered the favorites, but both programs have struggled mightily this season. Still, Milan loved his visit to Syracuse and will likely official before making a decision.

S Jonathan Crawford: - 3-stars – Crawford has been interested in Syracuse for some time. The former teammate of Cordell Hudson, he will take an official in either December or January. That visit could set the Orange a part, especially if his former Largo High teammate can convince him that Syracuse is the place for him.

TE Alex Parkinson: 4-stars – Syracuse may have backed off and then gotten back involved with Parkinson, but the Orange were the favorite before they received a commitment from West Lindor. With Syracuse getting back involved and Parkinson still on the market, the Orange are prime to move back into favorite status.

DT Wes Annan: 2-stars – Annan is still weighing whether or not he wants to take an official visit. Maryland, Duke and Virginia have pulled ahead since Syracuse lost contact, but there is a chance they make up ground if they are able to get him to campus.

WR Spencer Tears: 3-stars – Louisville has been considered the favorite, but they already have three receivers committed this cycle. This may open the doors for Syracuse to make a major move for the former Nebraska commit. Tears has indicated he is in regular contact with Syracuse, so expect them to get an official visit.

WR/TE Najee Clayton: 3-stars – Clayton took his first visit to Syracuse over the weekend. Rutgers and Virginia are two other schools very involved in his recruitment. All three should get an official, but his relationship with Bobby Acosta could be the ace in the hole for the Orange.

LB Mohamed Barry: 1-star – A very strange recruitment indeed. Barry was committed to Wisconsin before changing his mind recently. Syracuse got back in touch to try to get an official. He visited Kansas State this past weekend. He says the Orange have fallen back out of touch. Expect him to end up with the Wildcats.

WR Trevill Holcy: 2-stars – Syracuse would like one or two receivers this cycle. With Tears being a top target, Holcy is also on the radar. They are trying to schedule a January official. Holcy’s recruitment is hard to get a feel for, but an official would certainly help Syracuse’s chances.

QB Donovan Hale: 3-stars – Hale is the only quarterback left on the board for Syracuse in this cycle. Syracuse likes his athleticism and would love to add him to the mix. He also attends Largo High and could official with Jonathan Crawford.

LB Saleem Brightwell: 2-stars – Brightwell was supposed to visit Syracuse this past weekend but was unable to make it. That could be a sign that Syracuse will have a hard time moving into his top group. Bobby Acosta will continue to recruit him, however, in the hopes of getting him on campus for an official.

TE Caleb Reams: 2-stars – An Illinois commit who had an offer from Syracuse early, Reams may be willing to look at the Orange if his thoughts on the Illini have soured. It is still a long shot, but worth exploring.

C Thomas Bryant: 4-stars - The NCAA inquiry and potential sanctions are the only thing keeping this from a 5-star prediction. Bryant is still coveted by Syracuse, and they may somehow find a way to make the scholarships work in order to bring him into the fold. Indiana is Syracuse's biggest threat here.

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