Coach Speak: Trey Dunkelberger

Dunkelberger's head coach breaks down what the Orange are getting in the tight end prospect.

Syracuse added tight end Trey Dunkelberger to their commitment list on Monday. His head coach at Pierce College, Efrain Martinez, believes Syracuse is getting a big offensive weapon.

”He’s kind of like a hybrid guy,” Martinez said. “More of the bigger bodied, wide-receiver type. Wide body that you can line up in the slot and create mismatches. He has great speed and he has great hands. Which leads to great route running ability.

”He has the ability to separate himself from defenders using his body. He’s someone that has a great ability to utilize his body to create space.”

Certainly the ability to make plays as a receiver is a big part of the new-age tight end. However, blocking is something that is required as well. In the direction that the Tim Lester offense seems to be taking, physical tight ends who are willing to block will be critical.

”He is very tenacious when it comes to blocking,” Martinez said. “Once he gets his hands on a guy, he doesn't let go until the play is over. He’s pretty impressive as a blocker. If he had any weaknesses, it would probably be in his run blocking ability.

”That would be the only weakness. But with proper coaching, it could become a strength. He just has to get better at it. Really it’s about experience.”

Dunkelberger’s skill set sounds like it would be an ideal fit for the college game. For a Syracuse offense that has been searching for playmakers this season, he could make an impact right away.

”I think he could be very dominant,” Martinez said. “I think he will surprise a lot of people. He has all of the tools. A guy that could be a starter for several years at the next level. I think he could do great things at that level.”

Off the field, Martinez praises Dunkelberger as a leader and high character guy. He leads by example, plays with intensity and is willing to take instruction.

”He’s very coachable,” Martinez said. “He’s everything you would want as a teammate. We’ve been very fortunate from that aspect.”


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