Visit solidifies Dunkelberger's Commitment

Tight end prospect Trey Dunkelberger feels at home during official visit to Syracuse.

Syracuse tight end commit Trey Dunkelberger did not want to leave his future home after spending the weekend on campus for his official visit. He was impressed by everything he saw, and the trip solidified his decision to choose the Orange.

”Definitely seeing all of the facilities,” Dunkelberger said. “Being able to see the new indoor practice facility was great. They had a highlight video that got me excited. To top it off, I got to sit down one-on-one with the offensive coordinator (Tim Lester) and the head coach (Scott Shafer) and briefly discuss how crucial me coming in and playing right way is.

”They said I'm not a guy who’s going to come in an develop and wait another season to play, Develop in the spring and be ready to play in the fall.”

A big reason why Dunkelberger felt at home during his visit was his interaction with the coaching staff. He spent time sitting with Scott Shafer, Tim Lester and Bobby Acosta.

”Sitting one-on-one with the coaches and seeing how interested they were,” Dunkelberger said. “Just talking about what they want to do, the future is looking insane here at Syracuse. It’s going to be fun to watch.”

Specifically, his interaction with Bobby Acosta, who will be his position coach, was very meaningful.

”I saw a little bit of how energetic he is,” Dunkelberger said. “I got to see how his mind works in terms of football. All the players said he’s the most animated guy on the practice field and you know where he is. So I’m definitely excited to see the excitement he brings to the game.”

On Saturday, the recruits spent time at the Carrier Dome watching the Syracuse men’s basketball team. The atmosphere for that game gave Dunkelberger a glimpse at what it can be like during football season.

”Definitely, that was huge,” he said. “The first thing I saw was how big it was. The basketball game was pretty loud and it was only half filled. I can imagine how it’ll be when it’s full for a football game.”

The most important part of the trip for the tight end prospect? Seeing his family enjoy it as much as he did.

”They really loved it and couldn’t stop smiling the whole time,” Dunkelberger said. “They’re very excited. They can’t wait to get back up there for the spring and see me play. Their excitement for me is just great. They couldn’t stop smiling and asking questions. It was just a great weekend.”

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