Former SU/Dolphins RB Swims 9 Miles to Safety

Former Syracuse University running back and Miami Dolphins fullback Rob Konrad survives falling off of a boat and swims nine miles to shore.

UPDATE: Per Chris Shepherd of WFPB-TV, Konrad is home and doing well.

The legend of 44 grows, this time for an off the field feat. One that saved the life of a former Syracuse football player. Rob Konrad, the last player to wear No. 44 at Syracuse and former Miami Dolphins fullback, survived a fishing accident in a crazy and unlikely way.

Fishing in the Atlantic Ocean off the cost of Palm Beach, Florida Wednesday night, Konrad fell off of his boat, which was on autopilot according to WPFB-TV via CNYCentral. As Konrad was in the water, the boat drifted away, leaving him in a dire situation.

With no one in sight and facing the perils of the deep ocean at night, there was only one option left. Konrad responded by swimming nine miles to the shore in Palm Beach, staying in the water for 10-12 hours. WPFB-TV gathered this information from the United States Coast Guard.

According to WPFB-TV, Konrad told the Coast Guard that he caught a fish and fell off the boat while trying to land it. He was found barefoot and in his underwear thoroughly exhausted.

A search helicopter was looking for him in the ocean after family called the police when he did not return home in a timely fashion. Per the report, Konrad saw the helicopter's search light go by him, but they were unable to locate him. He pressed onwards and was able to make it ashore.

The good news is that Konrad is safe after the near death experience. It was an incredible display of endurance, strength and courage. It is an unbelievable tale, one that is generally only read about in fables and legends.

The number 44 is a historic one in the history of Syracuse football, having been worn by such greats as Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Floyd Little and others. The number was retired by the Orange in 2005, leaving Konrad as the last player to wear the famed jersey at Syracuse. In addition, Konrad played six seasons in the NFL, all for the Dolphins.

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