Clausman Recaps Syracuse Official Visit

Three-star offensive tackle Sam Clausman details weekend official visit to his future home.

Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) St. Thomas Aquinas offensive tackle Sam Clausman has been committed to Syracuse since late spring. While he has been on campus before, he took his official visit over the weekend to get an even better feel for what life in Orange is like.

He left even happier with his decision than he was before.

”We toured the campus and toured all the facilities,” Clausman said. “It was really good. My parents loved it. They’re happy. I’m not taking anymore visits after this.”

There were many things about the visit that stood out to Clausman. Spending time with his future teammates, the coaches and checking out the new indoor practice facility. They all left a big impression on both him and his parents.

”It was just everything,” Clausman said. “My host was really good, I had Omari Palmer. He was really good. My parents really liked him. He was giving me tips to make the process easier. He said that I’ll have some rough days and I’ll have some good ones. I’ll just have to keep on going.”

A big highlight was attending the basketball game on Saturday when Syracuse faced Miami. While the result of the game was not what he had hoped, Clausman was blown away by the atmosphere.

”Oh man it was crazy,” he said. “It was so loud. There was one point where we were trying to talk to each other right next to each other and couldn’t hear each other.”

During the trip, not only did Clausman and the other visitors have a chance to bond with the coaching staff, but so did the parents. They all spend extensive time with the coaches and their families, which only helped solidify Syracuse’s family oriented atmosphere.

”It was good,” Clausman said. “My parents really liked them. Coach Shafer and my dad built a really strong relationship on the visit. They really like each other so that’s good.”

Clausman knows Syracuse is the place for him. Not that there was any doubt since he committed, but laying out the red carpet for players who decided early is still important.

Especially because other schools almost always come in attempting to poach committed players. Clausman said some programs came in to try do just that, but he declined to listen to their overtures.

”They have but I’m just passed them along,” Clausman said. “I’ve told them to give someone else a chance because I’m all done. I’m not changing my mind.”

Clausman elected not to mention which schools reached out, but did have more than one. He is rated a three star offensive tackle and is one of five offensive linemen committed to the Orange in the 2015 class.

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