Experts Weigh In On Syracuse's 2015 Class

Scout's team of recruiting experts discusses the Syracuse Orange's 2015 haul during our National Signing Day Live show.

Scout is streaming National Signing Day Live show all day on recruiting's big day. During the show, they discussed Syracuse and how they performed in the 2015 class. Here is what they had to say about the Orange.

Recruiting Analyst John Garcia Jr.:

“(Marquise) Blair is a guy that Syracuse thinks could be Louis Delmas 2.0. If you don’t remember him, he was at Western Michigan, came out of South Florida and ended up in the NFL. He’s still in the NFL, ironically with the Miami Dolphins. The coach there on the assistant staff, Scott Shafer, now the head coach with Syracuse, he thinks Blair could be Delmas 2.0. That alone is a big as it gets for the Orange.

"Also, a big note, Syracuse holds off Florida and Vanderbilt late for a kid in Alabama. Holding off those guys for Steven Clark, a guy the Gators wanted on the offensive line. Vandy for defense. Obviously there’s early playing time at ‘Cuse and he stuck with the Orange. But New Jersey is probably the biggest story.”

National Recruiting Analyst Brian Dohn:

“It is in the sense that Syracuse finally found their way back into the Garden State. They get four kids out of New Jersey. They get Kenny Carter, who not a lot of people know out of Plainfield High. He’s a high upside guy, but really has to develop. Jake Pickard, who was with Wisconsin, Wisconsin kind of slowed on him. The kid I like is Daivon Ellison, a cornerback out of Don Bosco Prep. The problem is he’s 5-foot-7.5. That’s tough playing corner. But he’s electric, he’s got great change of direction, when he covers he’s on the hips. He can be a return guy.

"Syracuse didn’t get the high end Jersey kids, but it’s better than not getting any Jersey kids because they fell out of that state. When you look at the rise of Rutgers back in the Big East days and the fall of Syracuse, Rutgers did better in New Jersey and Syracuse kind of fell out. They went south, they recruited a lot there. It’s tough to keep kids committed from 1,200 miles away who have never been to campus when they commit. They’re getting back to what made Syracuse successful. They’re making an in-road. It’s going to take a while to build it, but I really like that they’re back in New Jersey.”

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