Syracuse Felt Like Home to Womack

Luverne (Ala.) High quarterback Kenterius Womack details Orange pledge.

Syracuse added to their 2015 class on Thursday as Luverne (Ala.) High quarterback Kenterius Womack committed and signed during his official visit. It’s been a whirlwind week for the 6-foot-3 athlete. After national signing day came and went without any offers from any level of college football, his phone started ringing off the hook earlier this week.

His position coach, Andre Parks, estimated that they fielded over 100 phone calls expressing interest in Womack. Ultimately, there were a few division one schools that expressed the most interest. One of the first to reach out was Syracuse, and they also got the first visit. It would be the only one he would need.

”Honestly it just felt like home,” Womack said. “I just loved it here. It was like I’ve been here. No one was pressuring me that I need to sign here, not even the coaches were pressuring me. It just felt like home so I knew I wanted to be here.”

While on the visit, a lot of things stood out. But maybe the biggest was when he went to eat with some of the coaches

”It was just walking around,” Womack said. “When we went out to eat, people already knew who I was. Somebody was like, ‘are you Kenterius? Nice to meet you!’ He already knew me and everybody was so friendly. It was crazy and it just felt like it was already home.

”The type of people they all are was big. It’s just a great school and it will open a lot of doors for me.”

With everything happening so fast, being able to bond with a coaching staff so quickly can be difficult. However, he found it quite easy with the Syracuse coaches.

”I wouldn’t say important, but I would say it was thrilling to me,” Womack said. “Seeing how excited they were when I asked to sign the papers. It was great that they wanted me that bad.”

Another important part of the visit was spending time with his future teammates. He said feeling like he was already part of the program was critical in his final decision.

”I pretty much met all of the players,” Womack said. “I got to eat breakfast with them. I got to talk to all of them. They were all welcoming me with open arms. They were all saying how fun it was and how the people make a difference.”

The Luverne High standout also checked out Syracuse’s new indoor practice facility. It was another highlight of the trip.

”It’s a great facility,” Womack said. “It was really nice. I can’t wait to be putting in some work there.”

Womack is now focused on his career in Syracuse. He will arrive on campus over the summer with the rest of the 2015 class and look to pick up Tim Lester’s new offense as quickly as possible.

”Honestly, right now, I don’t know how I fit in,” Womack said. “I just know that I’m going to work hard so that I can be the guy one day. This year I’m going to learn a lot, take everything in and look up to T-Hunt (Terrel Hunt). Kind of take some things in from him and start running with it.”

In addition to finding a home for himself and providing financial relief for his parents, Womack was focused on what this decision means for his community back in Alabama.

”It’s big,” he said. “It’s really big. I’m just happy to be here. I never expected it to be like this. I’m just glad I’m able to make people back home happy.”

While saying goodbye for Womack and after thanking him for his time, his final words were an emphatic, “Go Orange!”

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