Coach Speak: Kenterius Womack

Luverne High's quarterbacks coach breaks down the new Syracuse signee.

Syracuse added to their 2015 class with Luverne (Ala.) High quarterback Kenterius Womack signed on Thursday during his official visit. His position coach, Andre Parks, believes Syracuse found themselves a gem.

”I think they got a huge steal,” Parks said. “The calls for him are still coming in. There’s probably been 10 or 12 big time division one schools that have called in the past day or two. What Syracuse did was got onboard early and established a relationship with him. A lot of it was over the phone.

”When they got him up on the visit, I think those guys did a good job in selling him not only what Syracuse could do athletically for him, but academically as well. In his words, he felt at home at Syracuse. He didn’t want to field any more calls or take any more visits. He felt at home. That’s what he decided to do. I think they got a huge steal.”

Womack’s highlight tape make it hard to believe he had no offers or interest until this week. According to Parks, he possesses a lot of skills that will make him a successful at the next level.

”Mobility is one of his biggest strengths,” Parks said. “He’s a guy that does a great job with the read-option. He’s a dual threat quarterback. He can run it and he can throw it. The thing that jumps out about him is his athleticism, but once you look at the film and look at him more, he’s a more than capable passer. He’s got accuracy and has good arm strength.

”He can throw the out route, he can throw the quick screens and the deep ball. He’s a quarterback that can do it all. If you’re in the right system, and I think he will be up at Syracuse, they’ll be able to utilize what he does best. He felt the same and that was a big reason why he wanted to sign there.”

A coaching change a few years ago led to Womack switching from wide receiver to quarterback. That was ultimately where he started to shine.

”When he was a freshman, we were an i-football team,” Parks said. “We ran the ball a lot. Our quarterback was a guy that turned around and handed the ball off a lot. When coach DuBose came, we went from that system to a spread system. We did a lot of read-option, screens, the quick game, and every now and then we would hit you with the deep ball.

”The thing he does is he’s very intelligent and does a good job of reading coverages pre-snap. I think where he has to work a little bit is his footwork and patience in the pocket. Although he does a good job throwing from the pocket, but in high school, being the type of runner that he is, when a play broke down he could just take off. In college, he’ll probably have to stay in the pocket a bit longer and make reads from the pocket.”

Parks thinks so highly of Womack that he believes comparing him to a former star in the Big East is an accurate representation of his skills.

”He’s a Pat White type,” Parks said. “I think what separates Kenterius from a lot of the mobile quarterbacks that we saw in high school is his passing ability. A lot of the guys that are as athletic as him and are able to run, sometimes they rely on their legs too much. They don’t stay with their reads.

”Kenterius, although he has the ability to hurt you with his legs, he can hurt you from the pocket. There were games where he would start 20-20 completions. Or he would be 15-16 or 15-17 from the pocket. That’s what separates him from other guys.”

While the recruiting process did not go as planned for Womack, in the end, it all worked out.

”I just talked to him a little bit ago,” Parks said. “He said he knows he slipped and he was upset about that. But if he could do it all again and sign on signing day, he wouldn’t change how it all worked out for him. He just believed that there was a reason that happened. Although none of it was his fault, it all worked out in the end.”

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