Bilas Thinks NCAA Got It Wrong

ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas adds his thoughts on NCAA ruling against Syracuse.

Jay Bilas is never one to shy away from criticizing the NCAA. In fact, he often crusades against their policies and practices and chastises them for hypocrisy. His opinions of Friday's ruling against Syracuse Athletics were no different.

Responding to fans on Twitter, he had this to say:

"Penalties were over the top and unreasonable. Penalties should be levied on those directly responsible, not via strict liability," Bilas tweeted. "Penalties and high-minded rhetoric were unreasonable, in my judgment. Like USC, just NCAA's standard public shaming."

On ESPN College Game Day Saturday morning, Bilas expanded on those thoughts.

"I believe in reasonable rules that are fairly applied and fairly adjudicated," he said. "I don't believe that that's the case here. I'm not trying to absolve anyone. The issue is did he know and should he reasonably have known that?"

Bilas later changed the conversation to who he believes should be held responsible for the actions that created punishments against Syracuse and Jim Boeheim.

"Shouldn't we start holding presidents, chancellors and the heads of departments accountable?" Bilas said. "What we've got is the perfect system of non-accountability for administrators."

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