McNabb Comments on NCAA Sanctions

Former Syracuse star quarterback gives his thoughts on the NCAA ruling against the Orange.

Another prominent Syracuse alum has detailed his thoughts on the NCAA sanctions against the athletics department. This time it is former football star Donovan McNabb, who was on the “Orange Nation” program on ESPN Syracuse on Friday with News Channel 9’s Steve Infanti and Sal Maneen. While many alums have thought the punishments were too harsh, he actually took a different stance.

’It was pretty light compared to what we’ve seen over the years of universities and the penalties that they’ve received,” McNabb said. “I knew that they would go after Jim Boeheim’s wins over those past couple years knowing the situation with academics and everything else that follows. It’s not just the basketball program participating in it. Obviously it includes the professors and everyone else involved in the academic staff and so on.

”It’s a tough blow, a dark cloud over the university. I think this is something that will be a wakeup call for all sports as well as people involved in the university to continue to keep things clean and we can move forward, continue to get good recruits as well as great students that will be able to continue on with their great life, get their education and be able to move on with whatever they decide to do in the future.”

Many who have discussed the issues at Syracuse have made the comment, “it happens everywhere.” That is not a valid excuse according to McNabb, who says the athletics department should be concerned with themselves, no others.

”We can’t worry about what’s going on at other universities,” McNabb said. “That’s kind of the easy way out of saying, ‘well it happens at other universities.’ Well other universities didn’t get caught. We got caught. Let’s just focus on what we need to do to get things cleaned up so we can kind of clean our name and have people understand that Syracuse is a clean program. We do it by the books.

”We want to make sure that we get all of the recruits the way we’re supposed to, that these recruits come in and are able to participate at a high level, have our fans and student body be participating and being there for NCAA Tournament games to bowl games to national championship games. Whatever it may be. When it’s all said and done, as former players, we can all look back on it and say, ‘you know what? We did the right thing.’”

McNabb played for Syracuse from 1995-1998. He is currently ranked third on their all-time passing yards list with 8,389, third in career completions with 548, has three of the top four passing efficiency seasons in program history, and still leads Syracuse in touchdown passes with 77.

You can listen to the full McNabb interview HERE.

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