Spring Practice Report: Notes and Standouts

News, notes and standouts from Tuesday's spring practice session.

The Syracuse football players have returned to campus after spring break and spring football has resumed. Head coach Scott Shafer said that while the players were away, the coaches stayed on campus and watched film. Tuesday was time for the group to get back on the field and continue to get better.

One player that was a big standout was wide receiver Ervin Philips, who is transitioning from running back.

"We had a tempo period where we were going with a little bit of live action," Shafer said. "Erv took one down the sideline for a touchdown on a little slide play. He also made a couple good catches. There are some good things going on with those young guys, but I really noticed Erv today."

The running back position will see significant change with the loss of Prince-Tyson Gulley and Adonis Ameen-Moore. DeVante McFarlane stepped up during Tuesday's session, according to coach Shafer.

On the defensive end, safeties Chauncey Scissum and Antwan Cordy have continued to generate praise for their strong play.

"Defensively, Chauncey Scissum had an interception," Shafer said. "He made a great play on a naked. He fell back and made a real athletic play...He's doing a great job. Last year we had three safeties in front of him so he didn't get a chance to play as much. He helped us in the kicking game and did some good things. He's a very good athlete. Love his body type."

Cordy is learning two positions in both cornerback and safety. He has taken well to the safety position and makes plays during nearly each practice session.

"The other guy doing a nice job is Cordy," Shafer said. "We call him 'giant.' He's not the biggest guy in the world but we call him 'giant.' He's playing some good football for us. We're dual teaching him with some corner but he's really getting a lot of reps at safety. He's taking that thing on well and he's been productive. He's had a couple interceptions. I know he had one for a touchdown before break."

Quarterback Terrel Hunt is still adjusting to the new offense, Shafer said. The key is his communication to the rest of the offense. Throwing wise and movement wise, he is looking solid.

Alvin Cornelius had a drop on Tuesday but otherwise continues to impress. Steve Ishmael is also performing well. Shafer says Steve "gets it."

Lastly, Ben Lewis was a standout with his performance. He seems to be a forgotten man with the more intriguing names at wide receiver, but could be in line for a significant role.

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