Hallenbeck Recaps Sunday Visit

Junior quarterback believes he could be close to a Syracuse offer as the coaches told him he is "next" on their list.

West Hartford (Conn.) Kingswood Oxford quarterback Jacob Hallenbeck visited Syracuse on Sunday to check out spring practice. The junior signal caller was impressed by what he saw.

”I really liked how structured it was,” Hallenbeck said. “How everyone was always doing something. How fast and up-tempo it was. There was no standing around. As far as the quarterbacks, I really liked what I saw from coach Lester.

”How much individual work he did with the quarterbacks. How much he worked on their mechanics and footwork. Everything that may not get noticed by everyone but makes a big difference when it comes to the games.”

After practice, Hallenbeck spent time with the Syracuse coaches. They let him know where things stand regarding an offer.

”I talked to coach Lester, coach Shafer for a while, the recruiting coordinator coach Eric White and then coach Bullough,” Hallenbeck said. “I’ve talked to him quite a bit. He comes down to our school. Basically they said they have a few offers out now.

”There are two that they are waiting to hear from. If one of them doesn’t commit to Syracuse and commits somewhere else, I would be next in line to get that offer.”

That type of bluntness may turn some prospects off. But not Hallenbeck, who says he believes it says a lot about the Orange coaches.

”I really appreciated the honesty,” he said. “I did not want to be waiting around for an offer that doesn’t come. What if it never comes or comes way later down the line? When he told me that, I felt really good about the position I’m in with them. I really like the school. Just being honest with me shows that he does care.”

During the visit, Hallenbeck learned a lot about the football program. Overall, he holds Syracuse in very high regards.

”I loved it,” Hallenbeck said. “I think it’s the third time I’ve been to Syracuse with camps and everything. I had never seen the indoor practice facility before. It’s real top of the line. One of my family members went there. My aunt went there so it was nice having that family connection. I really liked the coaches and coach Lester just really fits with my personality. It would mean a lot to get that offer.”

Currently, Hallenbeck’s only offer is from North Carolina, one he received last summer while camping there. He plans to hit the camp circuit hard once again, while attending one at Syracuse is likely. Currently, he is also receiving interest from UMass, Pittsburgh, NC State and UConn.

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