Huber Sees Syracuse With Different Mindset

Three-star wide receiver Kolton Huber details his Syracuse visit on Saturday and its impact on his recruitment.

Saturday was a huge recruiting day for Syracuse in addition to the spring game event. They hosted over 30 prospects in order to show off the program. One of their top targets on campus was three-star wide receiver Kolton Huber from St. Peter’s in New Jersey.

”The game was great,” Huber said. “I definitely got to see the guys in action for the first time since last year. It was good to see the intensity and the fire of the coaching staff getting after the guys. When we got there, we registered for the day. Then coach Shafer addressed us. I actually got to talk to him for about 15 minutes before we went in to get addressed. After that the academic portion of it came in. We got to hear the academic people talk about where the strengths of the program are and where they are excelling.

”The huge support that’s behind the players to be able to succeed in their academic fields. How important academics really are for life after football. After that we went on a tour of the facilities. I had already seen all of them but it was great to see them again. It was great to see the new indoor facility for the first time, which was great. It was enormous and really nice. It’s really state of the art. After that we had lunch and went to the game. We came back and had meetings with position coaches so I got to meet with coach Acosta. I talked to him a little bit afterwards as well. Overall it was a really good day. I really enjoyed my visit.”

While watching the spring game itself, Huber was paying close attention to the wide receivers. He wanted to see how coach Acosta coached them up, and whether or not he could fit into their system. He left impressed by the Orange wideouts, with one player in particular standing out.

”I think the receivers did a pretty good job,” Huber said. “I think that a lot of them showed the ability to get open, especially since Syracuse defensive backs and defense is just so talented across the board. I think Steve Ishmael did a really good job of getting separation from defensive backs. A bunch of other receivers were great in and out of their cuts. Being able to make plays.

”I think it’s still definitely really early, but the guys looked really sharp. There are probably some things they will want to look at and fix, but I’m sure that when the season comes they will be perfect.”

During the trip, he spent some one-on-one time speaking with head coach Scott Shafer and wide receivers coach Bobby Acosta. Both conversations went very well.

”Talking with coach Shafer was more of a general conversation,” Huber said. “I was talking to him with my dad and then K.J Gray’s father and K.J. Gray joined the conversation. It was more about the program and then more into common talk. I think he was just trying to get a feel for what kind of people we are. How our family is oriented and things like that. It was definitely nice to be able to have normal talk and see how down to earth coach Shafer really is.

”The talk with coach Acosta, I was talking to him the whole time. After, he asked me to stay for a moment. He definitely reiterated the fact that they are really interested in me. He definitely said he wasn’t rushing me to make a decision anytime soon. That he wants me to be able to experience the process and be able to be open to other things. To be able to compare it to other things. He said that they definitely have a strong interest in me at Syracuse. It’s great to hear that and be able to know that they’re so comfortable with me. It makes me feel comfortable with them.”

This was not Huber’s first time on campus, but the trip definitely improved where the Orange stand in his recruitment.

”It definitely increased my interest in Syracuse,” Huber said. “I definitely had a different mindset on this visit than I did in past visits because now I actually had an offer going into this visit. But now I was able to observe the program as a whole and see everything that the program had to offer. Witness the family oriented things and all of the little things that the coaches try to instill in the players, it’s all so real.

"I definitely think it increased my interest in Syracuse.”

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