DeHond talks Syracuse trip, reclassification

Class of 2017 offensive tackle Noah DeHond has recently reclassified and decided to transfer to a prep school. He discusses that decision as well as his visit to Syracuse for the annual spring on Saturday.

Noah DeHond is no stranger to Syracuse. They have been recruiting him for some time and he has been to the campus multiple times in the past. He was one of dozens of prospects visiting for the annual spring game, and enjoyed the short drive from his Rochester (N.Y.) home.

”I’ve done a lot of the stuff before,” DeHond said. “It was good to be back. I got there and someone did the academic presentation. Then we did a tour of the new facility. Then we got lunch and headed to the Dome. Then went back and met with the position coaches.”

DeHond enjoyed the group discussions with the offensive linemen visiting, of which there were several. He and offensive line coach Joe Adam continue to work on their relationship.

”We didn’t really have a private conversation,” DeHond said. “It was more like we broke off into our position group and the coaches broke down what they’re looking for. It was coach Adam for us. He kind of reinforced how much he stresses academics and told us what he’s looking for in an offensive lineman.”

DeHond enjoyed the spring game itself as well. He watched the offensive linemen and thought they played well. Overall, the game was entertaining and worth the trip.

Recently, DeHond decided to reclassify from the 2016 class to the 2017 class. It’s something he has discussed with coach Adam multiple times, and believes he has the Orange assistant’s support.

”He knew about it,” DeHond said. “I kind of let him know. He asked me a while back and had some smaller questions about it. He didn’t say if he was for it or against it, but he was kind of like whatever I wanted to do he was good to go with.”

DeHond remains interested in Syracuse and is hoping an offer will come at some point. The visit helped him get a little experience with some other coaches besides just coach Adam. His primary recruiter will likely shift from Adam to Bobby Acosta, as DeHond reclassifies.

With that reclassification comes a transfer from McQuaid Jesuit in Rochester (N.Y.) to The Peddie School in New Jersey. The transfer and reclassification, he believes, will help him academically as well as on the field as he gains more exposure.

”I’m pretty young for my age,” DeHond said. “Young for my class. I didn’t go looking for a prep school, but the Peddie School reached out to me. After looking at everything that Peddie had to offer, it seemed like a good fit for me.

”When we visited, everyone was down to earth. The academics are fantastic. The coach has a great vision for the program at Peddie. The all-around opportunity it provided, I couldn’t say not to that.”

The biggest adjustment will be living away from family, as DeHond’s parents will stay in Rochester while he makes the transition to New Jersey. While there may be some homesickness, ultimately the added daily structure is something DeHond believes will be beneficial in the long run.

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