Syracuse visit exceeds KJ Gray's expectations

Three-star wide receiver K.J. Gray goes in-depth on his visit to Syracuse.

Three-star Jersey City (N.J.) St. Peter's wide receiver K.J. Gray is one of Syracuse's top targets in the Garden State. His combination of size, speed and athleticism makes him a coveted prospect.

The Orange hosted Gray on Saturday as one of over 30 prospects checking out the program for their annual spring game. It was Gray's first time seeing Syracuse, and he left impressed by the program, the coaches and the community.

"It went better than expected," Gray said. "I was surprised at the new facilities. They were beautiful. The coaches all had positive stuff to say and seemed very confident in their upcoming season. I liked their fan base as well."

Gray said his mom had been to Central New York for her job and described it as nothing to brag about. He left the visit disagreeing with his mother.

The spring game itself was something Gray enjoyed. He loved watching both the defensive backs and wide receivers, as Syracuse is looking at him as a versatile athlete who could play either position. Watching those individual battles throughout the game was a highlight of the trip.

"I think they were pretty good," Gray said. "I have the flexibility to come in as a wide receiver or defensive back. The DB's were pretty good. Very scrappy. The wide receivers were good but they lack depth."

Gray says he likes both positions and does not have a preference for his college career. He understands that tall, lanky, athletic corners are in high demand and would be happy to fill that role.

Gray spoke with the Syracuse coaches in order to further develop a relationship with the staff. The two he spent the most time with were wide receivers coach Bobby Acosta and head coach Scott Shafer.

"Acosta talked about my versatility to play on both sides of the ball," Gray said. "How he is going to try to conquer recruiting in New Jersey. Also, he explains how I could fit into their wide receiver corps.

"Coach Shafer expressed his enthusiasm for this upcoming season. He was very optimistic. They told me that they were going to start coming hard at me once the quiet period is up."

The visit increased the St. Peter's standout's interested in Syracuse. He is still too early in the process to declare any favorites, but thinks highly of the Orange and looks forward to continuing his relationship with the school.

He said Syracuse laid out the red carpet for their recruits during the trip and that made a big impression on him.

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