Coach Speak: Cam DeGeorge

What is Syracuse getting in offensive lineman Cam DeGeorge? We spoke to his high school head coach to find out.

Lynnfield (Mass.) High offensive lineman Cam DeGeorge committed to Syracuse on Monday, their first in the 2016 class. While he was initially an under the radar prospect, his head coach, Neal Weidman, knows exactly why the Orange were so high on him.

”Well, he’s tall,” Weidman said. “He’s explosive. He’s a little under 6-foot-5 right now. He just turned 17 in February, so he’s got a chance to grow another inch or two. He could end up being 6-6. He’s 275-ish right now and he’s lean and young. He’s going to be a kid that really fills out. His brother played for me and he plays in college right now at Assumption. He really filled out once he graduated. He’s been in college for a couple of years and he’s just massive. I think Cam can fill out the same way.

”He can run. I don’t know if it was at UConn or Syracuse last summer but he was just under or just over a 5.2 (40-time), which is pretty good for a guy his size. For a 15 or 16 year old (at the time) offensive lineman. We play him at guard only because it’s the most important position with our inside zone. The guards pull on our gap stuff and we use that a lot from the guard position. He gets out on all of our screens. So we put him there, but with his wing span and stuff, he might end up being a tackle.”

Going into college, the key for Weidman is transitioning from guard, where he plays at Lynnfield High, to tackle. The footwork and hand placement is a bit different at each spot, meaning DeGeorge will have to adjust when he gets to Syracuse as the Orange are planning to use him on the outside.

”Honestly it doesn’t matter if he’s at guard or at tackle,” Weidman said. “I think every high school kid needs to improve his technique. Especially when you’re good because a lot of times you’re bigger, stronger and more physical than the kids you play against. I think technique is always going to be everyone’s thing. Every single kid can always work on everything technique wise.

”The biggest thing is adjusting to edge pass rushers at the ACC level. Being able to kick and move and kind of retreat and still be strong. All that kind of stuff.”

If DeGeorge reaches his full potential, Syracuse may have found themselves a steal. The coaching staff has developed a reputation for finding hidden gems on the recruiting trail. DeGeorge could be the latest example.

”I think he could be pretty special,” Weidman said. “You just don’t get many kids that size, especially if grows another inch or two and ends up 6-6, he could easily put on another 25-30 pounds. You’re talking about 6-5, 6-6 and 300 pounds who can move. At that position, there aren’t that many people out there who can do that. If he progresses the way some kids do, I think he could be pretty special.”

Off the field, DeGeorge fits the Syracuse profile as well. A high character kid with strong academics who can be a leader both in the locker room and outside of it.

”He’s awesome,” Weidman said. “He’s super loyal. In Eastern Mass, there’s a lot of different places to go to school and he’s never been anything but loyal to his town. He’s a good student. He has an older brother and sister that are twins and in college right now. He’s got triplet eighth grade sisters. He’s super helpful. His brother was a captain for me as well and was a very good captain. He’s polite.

”Knock on wood, he’s never been in trouble at school. I’ve never had any teacher or anyone that works for school come to me and say anything, which they don’t hesitate to do when they’re on the team and kids are getting out of line. No one’s ever told me anything about him. Mom and dad, they don’t put up with any garbage. He’s just been great.”

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