Syracuse Recruiting Hot Board: Tight End takes a look at Syracuse's recruiting efforts at tight end in the 2016 cycle. Who are the top targets? Where do things stand? Who are some players to watch that could grab offers down the road? We have the inside scoop.

In Tim Lester’s new offense, the tight end position will be of critical importance. With that in mind, it has become an important position of focus in the 2016 recruiting cycle.

Slots Available: 2
Currently Committed: 0
2015 signees: 1

Committed elsewhere: None

The Top Tier

Ray Marten is the clear top target at tight end. He is one of the best players in New York and Syracuse is pursuing hard. He will be tough to land, no question, but his spring game visit seems to have put Syracuse in new light.

Albert Okwuegbunam is a talented, athletic tight end with a perfect frame for the position. He needs to add weight, but there is a lot of upside here. Syracuse offered and many others are in pursuit. It may be tough for the Orange to lure him away from home.

Jovani Haskins is a tight end from New Jersey who remains interested in Syracuse. He was supposed to visit for the spring game but had a last minute conflict. Expect him to visit over the summer and for assistant Bobby Acosta to see him during the evaluation period.

Jacob Mathis is one of the top players at his position in the 2016 class. Syracuse is on the far outside of this one. The Orange love his ability, but are not counting on being in the mix here.

The Next Level

Demetrius Breedlove is another in-state target. Hailing from nearby Rochester (N.Y.), Syracuse may like him more at defensive end. Regardless, they are very interested and would like him to be part of the class. They are unlikely, however, to push for a commitment until some of the others above have decided. Unless they want him as a defensive lineman, where they may be willing to take him early.

Jacob Morgenstern is another big bodied tight end with plenty of upside. He is starting to really blow up with offers from Mississippi State and Wisconsin recently. Syracuse likes him, but has others as bigger priorities. They were likely on the outside anyway.

Brendan Scales is another tight end from Missouri that will be hard for Syracuse to snag. He holds a plethora of big time offers, and the Orange seem to be behind here.

Other Names to Watch

Zac Lefebvre is an underrated, sleeper tight end prospect with plenty of athleticism and upside. Syracuse may get involved depending on how the rest of the cycle develops.

L.J. Wesneski has camped with the Orange and visited the campus. Syracuse likes him but wants to see more before extending an offer. He is one of the more intriguing prospects to watch if they miss on other targets.

Jake Hescock is a three-star prospect from Connecticut, a state Syracuse has done well in over the last two cycles. He is one to watch as he could blow up during the camp season.

Sean McKeon is another three-star prospect, but he hails from Massachusetts. At 6-foot-5, 226 pounds and a 4.52 40, he has the size and skill set many programs desire at the position. Keep an eye on him during the evaluation period.

Mack Nash holds three offers from Army, Navy and South Florida. He has size, athleticism and a lot of upside. Hailing from the Peach State, Syracuse is usually active in Georgia. Don’t be surprised if he jumps on the radar at some point.

Chris Barrett is a Sunshine State product with size and speed. He screams high upside sleeper, and could be one to watch during the evaluation period and camp season.

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