Sunshine State of Mind

Syracuse assistant Bobby Acosta is trying to work his recruiting magic in South Florida.

Florida is one of the most division one football talent producing states nearly every recruiting cycle. In the past, Syracuse has been successful there. When George McDonald came to Syracuse, it was with a reputation of being an elite recruiter in the Sunshine State.

His much publicized departure left a hole in Florida recruiting for the Orange, specifically in South Florida, where McDonald was especially strong.

Wide receivers coach Bobby Acosta has been given the task of taking over for McDonald in that area, and has had a strong first impression. He extended over a dozen offers over the past week and is starting to build relationships in key areas.

One of the ones he already started building is with coach White, the head coach of American High School in Hialeah (Fla.). He believes coach Acosta will do very well in Florida.

"He's a great guy," White said. "I liked him right off the bat. Really down to earth guy just like me. We got along well. He kept it real."

White told Acosta if he is open, honest and loyal, he will be able to be a successful recruiter in South Florida. Those traits will allow him to build the necessary relationships in order to land some of the talented players the area produces every cycle.

"I believe he can very successful," White said. "I told him 'I got him' and will vouch for him down here. I'm his eyes and ears as long as he stays real."

Given Acosta's reputation in the coaching world and on recruiting New Jersey, that should not be a problem.

The good news for Syracuse is that Acosta is new to recruiting the area, is just starting to build the appropriate relationships and already has an important ally in coach White.

Syracuse offered five of his players at American High. They include 2016 cornerback Antione Webster (committed to FAU), 2017 cornerback Naytron Culpepper, 2017 safety Donelle Thomas, 2017 wide receiver Anthony White and 2017 cornerback Joshua Dinson.

Coach White says each is open to Syracuse and giving them a serious look. Currently they are trying to set up a summer visit where each offered prospect at his school, and potentially some others who were not offered, take the trip to Syracuse together.

Coach Acosta has had a profound impact on Syracuse recruiting on New Jersey and is off to a great start in doing the same in Florida.

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