Recruits React to the Return of No. 44

Commits, signees and targets give their thoughts on 44 returning to Syracuse football

Recruits, commits and signees all reacted to the news of 44 being restored to Syracuse football.

2015 RB signee Dontae Strickland: "Just to know if you get to be on the same level as those greats, you can be honored to wear that 44 and represent them, your family and hometown. It is a symbol of all the hard work you put in. So it'll always be in the back of my head when I'm taking reps and in the classroom. To get there one day if God permits."

2015 DT signee Steven Clark: "I'm happy about it. It's a piece of history that needs to be continued at 'Cuse but only for the people that deserve it."

2015 OT signee Sam Clausman: "Pretty awesome, especially with the history behind the number."

2015 DE signee Jake Pickard: "I think it's awesome and the right decision. The coaches, players and recruits know that this is the time that 'Cuse football turns around and it truly could not be a bigger honor than to do it with 44 on the field with us. I also want a huge shoutout for Cuse Twitter Army for their push for Restore 44. They've done an unreal job."

2015 QB signee Eric Dungey: "It's huge. I have only visited once but I can tell what a legendary and huge tradition 44 carries. Great day to be Orange."

2016 RB commit Robert Washington: "I feel good. Just really excited.”

2016 OT commit Cam DeGeorge: "It's awesome. It'd be cool if one of my running backs had that number. Great if it would help with recruiting."

2016 WR commit Sadiq Palmer: "I feel as though that is a big move. Only the greats wore that number, so for #44 to be officially back at 'Cuse is showing that they believe the person who will wear that jersey will be a legend and a very special running back."

2016 QB target Anthony Brown: "That's great and really can attract some more people."

2016 QB target David Moore: "That's awesome and whoever gets to wear it next better carry the legacy."

2016 OT target Patrick Kearns: "Pretty cool. They are definitely gearing up to be a top notch program."

2016 OT target Chandler Reeves: "Pretty cool. Whoever wears that has some work to do."

2016 WR target Kolton Huber: "The players who will get to wear that number will have to live up to great tradition both on and off the field."

2016 OLB target Jamir Jones: "Crazy news. Going to be great to see if players actually try to get it."

2017 WR target Noah Jordan-Williams: "I'm surprised, really. I'm just curious to see who they're going to let wear it."

Scout's John Garcia Jr contributed to this report.

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