Smith Hoping to Visit 'Cuse Before Decision

Sunshine State quarterback Sawyer Smith discusses his interest in the Syracuse with a decision on the horizon.

Gonzalez (Fla.) J.M. Tate Senior High quarterback Sawyer Smith was once an Alabama commit to play baseball. However, he recently decided to give up his career on the diamond for one on the gridiron.

”I kind of figured out I was pretty good at football,” Smith said. “I didn’t know I was going to be this good, so I didn’t really take it seriously in my early high schools years. Like freshman and sophomore years. Then as the offers started coming in, I started thinking I could do this.

”I’ve always liked football. It’s always been a sport I played but I thought baseball was my ticket to college. Then I found out I could play football and I was like, ‘hey I like this more.’”

There are several schools recruiting Smith hard. They include Mississippi State, Syracuse, Central Florida, South Florida and others. The Orange has stayed in touch on a regular basis, and may do so even more going forward after missing on Anthony Brown.

”We’re talking,” Smith said. “We touch base probably twice a week. Kind of keeping up and keeping the relationship up.”

That relationship is with offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Tim Lester. Since Syracuse offered, the two have worked on developing a bond. So far, Smith thinks highly of coach Lester.

”I like him so far,” Smith said. “I like what he’s got planned out for the coming years at Syracuse. It sounds good. So I consider that if I were to go to Syracuse, I would fit in. But we’ll see.”

Despite the regular communication and high interest from Syracuse, Smith has not visited the campus yet. The 6-foot-2 signal caller is eying a decision in late June or early July, but has to take the trip to Central New York in order for the Orange to have a chance.

”That’s one of the things we talk about now and then,” Smith said. “Just trying to see when I can fit in a time to come visit. Sometime this summer and get up to Syracuse and kind of look around and see what it’s about.”

The timeframe for a visit to Syracuse would sometime in mid-June. Should he make the trip and decide to pick the Orange, he sees a great fit in Lester’s new offensive system.

”Well he’s looking to spread it out and I think he’s looking for a guy that can run it and throw it,” Smith said. “Not just be a straight runner, you have to be able to throw it too.

”I think that’s why he likes me because I can run it and throw it. That’s what intrigues me about them.”

Smith claims no favorites at this point.

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