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You ask and we answer! Another benefit to being a premium member is access to the best Syracuse recruiting insiders in the business. In the latest Q&A, members ask about who could commit next, the plan for basketball recruiting, top 2017 targets and much more.

You ask and we answer! Here’s the latest recruiting Q&A with premium members.

How long before Robert Washington’s boys Moe Neal & Christian Colon make their decisions?

Neal is deciding in July or August while Colon has set a November 6th announcement date. I consider Syracuse the favorite for Neal right now, but I think Syracuse is on the outside for Colon. UNC and Penn State are the favorites.

In any class, who is the highest rated football prospect that Syracuse has a legit shot at landing?

In 2016, Aaron Mathews is the guys there as of now. But a couple guys to keep an eye on are 2017 four-star linebacker Anthony Hines and 2017 quarterback Kasim Hill. Both have a shot to be that guy depending on how the ratings go next cycle.

How many football commits do you think we will have by the end of June and who are the next five guys you think will commit?

Syracuse is at three now and is in a good spot with Rex Culpepper who is visiting this week. If he pulls the trigger, that makes four. I would guess Syracuse will end up with anywhere between five and seven by the end of the month. I would not expect much more than that. Here are the next five I think could be next for the Orange: Rex Culpepper, Solomon Manning, Moe Neal, Devon Clarke and Martin Mangram.

How badly does the negative public perception of the program hurt recruiting?

Fantastic question. It definitely has an impact. There are players that are being patient with Syracuse in order to see how they do this season and if the staff really is on the hot seat. Negative recruiting does happen to Syracuse. Winning will cure all of that, however. That seems to be the biggest factor hurting Syracuse right now on the recruiting front. The staff is full of young, energetic coaches that recruits really connect with. The program has a family atmosphere and recruits pick up on that during visits. But winning and the perception about a program being on the rise or on the decline is a huge factor. Winning will help with recruits, but fans have to go to games regardless. A fun atmosphere and rabid fan base can trump losing seasons to some extent.

Concerning basketball, do you think the reason for the lack of commits is because of the sanctions or the uncertainty of our program’s future?

I honestly don’t think that is having a big impact right now. They are only willing to take one other 2016 prospect right now, and want it to be a point guard. If the NCAA gives a scholarship back they will look for a center. But for now, they are in on Alterique Gilbert and Kobi Simmons. Neither of which appear to be ready to decide in the immediate future. They do have one 2016 commit, but the lack of another is mainly due to being in on elite prospects who are taking their time.

Now that we have lost out on Battle, do you see us sticking with a 2016 PG recruit or more heavily recruiting a big guy like Sedee Keita?

Point guard is definitely the primary position. The only way they take a big, as of right now, is if the NCAA gives them a scholarship back from the appeal.

Is PG Trevon Duval most likely our top recruit for 2017? Who else could be in the mix?

Duval is the clear top target. He is viewed as a potential program changer. But center will be a key position in 2017. Mohamed Bamba and Nick Richards are two to watch here. Wing Jordan Tucker may be a luxury but is extremely talented. Those are the only four with offers to this point, and should be considered the top targets.

If Scoop Bradshaw wants to commit, will the staff take him?

Yes Syracuse would take Bradshaw’s pledge. They really like his ability to play corner and safety as a versatile defensive back. I wouldn’t count on a commitment during his visit with Rex Culpepper, but having Rex pull the trigger won’t hurt the Orange’s chances.

With all of the departures since national singing day, I assume that we are close to taking a full class of 25 again?

I’ve got Syracuse taking around 20 next cycle. Twenty-five is probably a little too high and might put them over the scholarship limit. But they are definitely going to take a few more now that they have lost some to transfer and injury.

Is Alin Edouard in play this cycle?

No he is not. He is going to play two years at junior college and will not be available until the 2017 cycle. He has not had any impact on Syracuse’s recruiting efforts in 2016.

What happened to recruiting Illinois?

It's still a state Syracuse will recruit, but it has not produced as many prospects interested in the Orange in 2016. I wouldn't read too much into it unless that repeats itself next cycle.

Any chance we re-recruit K.J. Williams out of JUCO next year?

Doubtful. I would put the chances at less than 25% right now.

Are there any 2017 recruits that are really high on us?

While I don’t think any will be early commits as in during the 2016 cycle, here are a few that Syracuse fans should keep an eye on for 2017 targets. Wide receiver Noah Jordan-Williams, Anthony Hines, Kasim Hill, Aapri Washington and Ayinde Eley. Syracuse would take any of those commitments at any time.

How realistic is Jack Coan?

He's realistic at this point. Probable or likely? I wouldn’t go that far. But Syracuse is involved, is recruiting him hard and he remains interested. He is very talented and will likely blow up. I expect Syracuse to keep pursuing until he moves on from them.

Any info on a visit by Michael Irvin Jr. in the near future?

There is potential for one this month or next. They are still trying to work things out on that front, but he definitely wants to take that trip. Should he visit, I would expect some of his teammates to tag along.

Do you see Josh Commune getting an offer eventually?

I am 50/50 on it. If one comes I don’t think it will be anytime soon. Not likely until he plays at least one year at the high school level, which he has not done yet. They have already offered Jalen Mayden, indicating they are higher on him. However, part of that may have been for Jared Mayden’s benefit. That ship, however, has sailed it seems.

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