Scouting Rex Culpepper spoke with Florida Recruiting Analyst Corey Bender about new Syracuse pledge Rex Culpepper to find out what the Orange are getting in the 6-foot-3 quarterback.

Three-star quarterback Rex Culpepper has committed to Syracuse. What exactly are the Orange getting in the Plant High standout? Scout Florida Recruiting Analyst Corey Bender broke it all down for


”The first thing with him right now is physically. He has strength in his frame. He’s not a guy who’s going to have to come in and hit the weight room right away. He has a really nice frame right now.

”He’s a smart kid who has a solid arm. He doesn’t have an elite arm from an arm strength standpoint, but he has a strong enough arm. The thing with Rex is he doesn’t throw the ball deep that much because of the offense. He does a lot of read option and quick throws.

”If you want to talk about Syracuse, I think he’s going to be a good fit with the offense they run. He can tuck it and run, hand it off and read defenses at the line of scrimmage.

”He has a good arm, a college ready frame, a smart, smart kid, he’s a great leader and he can read defenses.”

Needs Improvement

”The first thing is his delivery. Sometimes it looks like he kind of shot-puts the ball. I think he can definitely improve his delivery and how he gets the ball out. Then obviously throwing the ball downfield.

”Right now, he has a lot of short throws and intermediate throws. He has decent touch on his deep throws, but from a scouting standpoint, you want to see that more. See that a little bit more, but he has limited opportunities on the field.

”Then, at times, his decision making. Sometimes when he should throw the ball out of bounds he runs backwards and tries to extend plays. One play on his highlight where he does make a good play, he extends the play for an extra five or seven seconds.

”He threw the pass and yes it was completed, but it was one where you would have liked to see him throw it away and maybe gets intercepted in college.

”I think the biggest thing with him is decision making and his delivery.”

Overall Scouting Report

”Rex is one kid that is really about the team. Sometimes it’s cliché and a lot of kids care about individual accolades and stuff. Since the first time I met Rex, he’s been all about the team. He’s a kid you want in your locker room. He’s a leader in your huddle and a grade A kid.

”One thing I’ve noticed from Rex from seeing him only a month ago, is that he has really hit the weight room. He’s 6-foot-3 and almost 230. A solid 230 not much bad weight at all. He’s not a blazer but he’s mobile and quick on his feet.

”He’s a guy who can put his shoulder down too and get yards. He’s not a blazer who’s going to take it 70-yards or 80-yards to the house. But he can put his shoulder down, make a few guys miss and move the chains.

”He has decent arm strength, but that’s something he can improve on. He’s a dual threat and runs a lot of read-option (in high school). He does a lot of tucking it away, rolling outside of the pocket and throwing on the run. Screen plays and things like that.

”Overall, he’s a great kid off the field and is really all about the team. He’s worried about making his teammates better and obviously as a quarterback that’s what you want.”

How He Fits

”With Rex and Syracuse, there’s no definite way that we know how they’re going to run their offense right now. But it sounds like Rex would be an ideal fit for their offense. They want a guy that, maybe not to be a blazer, but a guy that can extend plays with his legs.

”When the pocket collapses, he can extend plays and get five to ten yards when he runs. A guy that can run a lot of play action and be familiar with that. A guy that can throw outside the pocket too. Syracuse may run a lot of play action and Rex is looking good doing that.

”He has very good feet and has a great frame. He could use some time to sit back and learn from a mental standpoint, but physically he’s ready to get a lot of reps right now.

”For Syracuse’s offense, I think Rex is a good fit. He’s not an elite athlete, but he’s a good athlete who can run that system. He’s a leader as well. That’s one of his biggest things is leadership and how he runs a team. Teammates just tend to gravitate towards him.”

Junior Highlights:

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