Syracuse Makes Big Impression on Holloway

Six players from Camden High in New Jersey visited Syracuse on Wednesday. One of them, three-star defensive end Jamal Holloway, raved about his experience on campus and discusses his teammates reactions to the trip.

Three-star Camden (N.J.) High defensive end Jamal Holloway was one of six players from the school visiting Syracuse on Wednesday. He says he got the full view of the football program and the university.

”It was my first time on campus,” Holloway said. “We got to see all of the football facilities. We even went over to see some of the basketball facilities and got to see everything there. We went around the campus to see everything. We went out to the Dome. It was an amazing atmosphere.”

One of the reasons Holloway likes Syracuse is their academics.

”For one, they’ve got the astronomy class there,” Holloway said. “I didn’t get a chance to go over and see it, but that’s the kind of stuff I look for in a school. I like astronomy so I want a school that actually offers that.”

Thought Holloway liked all of the facilities that the Syracuse football program has, one stood out. That was their new indoor practice facility, which he sees as a big plus for the Orange.

”For one, I like how they did that,” Holloway said. “I don’t really like going outside too much. They said they don’t really go outside too much unless it’s a good day. I’m glad they have the indoor facility for that. But it was nice. It was really nice.”

Holloway said he was able to speak with almost all of the Orange coaches during his visit. They left a big impression on him as he was able to feel comfortable bonding throughout the day.

”The coaches actually want to have a relationship with their recruits and their players,” Holloway said. “They said they were really interested in me. They like everything I have to offer. They also said that I’m a real good player.

”They also explained the kind of defense they run at Syracuse. It’s high intensity and they’re always aggressive to the ball. Pretty much just talking about Syracuse most of the time and talking about ourselves besides football.”

After the trip, the six Camden High players all discussed the Orange. The visit went well enough that each said Syracuse stands in a good place for their services. That includes four-star receiver Brad Hawkins and three-star defensive end Ron Johnson.

”They were all saying that Syracuse was probably one of their top schools and that they’d love to play for them,” Holloway said. “They liked everything Syracuse had to offer. Brad, he said he would have a chance to start at receiver. Same thing with Ron, he would have a chance to start at defensive end.

”Not start right away with it handed to you, we’d have to earn it. But he felt like we have a good opportunity to be starters as true freshmen.”

The visit went so well that Syracuse made a major move on Holloway’s list.

”They’re in the top five for me right now,” Holloway said. “After this visit. Main thing is I look for academics. They have the class that I want to learn about in college. Everyone else said Syracuse is up there now with all of the other schools they have on their list.”

The three-star defensive end is looking at a decision during his senior season and plans on taking his official visits. He did say, however, that Syracuse will definitely receive one of those officials.

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