Syracuse Visit Opens Eyes of Camden Prospects

Syracuse made a big impression on the six Camden High players that visited on Wednesday. Camden's head coach breaks it all down inside.

Camden High head coach Dwayne Savage was the chaperone when six of his players visited the Syracuse campus on Wednesday. spoke with him to get a breakdown of how each reacted to the trip.

4-star WR Brad Hawkins

”It kind of put them on the map for him. Syracuse had offered, but for the most part, they weren’t recruiting him that hard. Then when he went up there, he saw the facilities and felt real comfortable with the coaching staff. He enjoyed the visit. The main goal is he wants to be a communications major. (Syracuse) has that. The communications school speaks for itself. So that helps.”

3-star DE Ron Johnson

”He was pleasantly surprised with how nice the facilities were. They have upgraded a lot of the facilities in the last couple of years. So he was pleasantly surprised with how nice the facilities were. He really connected with the d-line coach (Tim Daoust). That made a real big impression. With him connecting with the coaches, he really did enjoy the visit. He has a top-15, and he said they would probably fall into the top-15.”

3-star DE Jamal Holloway

”He said they have the major that he’s wanted. Not many schools have that major. So he was happy that they had that. He and the defensive coordinator, they really connected. So he really enjoyed his visit.”

2017 C Cesar Ruiz

”Cesar was excited to go. Normally I take the older kids. One of our kids, Dymelle Parker, had a final and couldn’t go. So that opened up a spot for Cesar. Cesar was pretty excited that was able to open up. He was pleasantly surprised.”

Linebackers Anthony Ford and Demian Thomas

”I have to call them back because they were evaluating them. (Ford) and Demian Thomas both went up there. They were evaluating both of them to see what’s going to happen. They both loved the visit. Anthony, he was the one who set up the whole visit. Him and coach Acosta, they got together and Anthony got all of the other guys. They all said they would come take a look with him. So Anthony was the leader of the whole pack to get it set up.”

On Syracuse Overall

”It does help that the quarterback and running back have committed in that 2016 class. That’s all the guys were talking about on the way home, that they got two big time players. Especially for Brad and Cesar being offense guys, that they had two big time recruits on the offensive side that would help the offense out.

”When you go back 15-20 years ago, we had about three or four Camden kids that went and played defense up there. We had Donovin Darius and those guys. They saw his picture on the All-American list and that got them excited to get the pipeline back to Camden. It’s a strong possibility.”

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