Coach Speak: Scoop Bradshaw

We spoke to Scoop Bradshaw's head coach to find out what the Orange is getting in the Sunshine State defensive back.

Syracuse landed their second commitment in less than 24 hours on Saturday when Tampa (Fla.) Plant defensive back Scoop Bradshaw pulled the trigger. spoke with Plant High head coach Robert Weiner to find out what the Orange is getting.

Scouting Report

”The cool thing about Scoop is he is the defensive player who can do anything back in the defensive backfield. He’s got great cover skills. Whenever we do our one-on-one drills, he’s always the best cover guy out there. At the same time, he’s so physical and a downhill safety player, that he’s got those skills as well.

”He’s a guy that, for us, two years in a row has run a 4.40 (40-time) in our timing. He’s been to camps before where he’s run in the 4.4s. So that time is somewhat verified. He’s a fast kid.

”He’s got great ball skills because we use him on offense as well. He’s a kid who’s got some shake and some wiggle to him as well. I think the most important thing as a football player is that he’s really, really, really physical.

”We say that when Scoop comes to tackle you, he’s ready to bring it. That’s what he does the best. He’s also just a tremendous teammate. He and Rex (Culpepper) are both captains for me already.”

How He Fits

”First and foremost, (Syracuse’s) aggressive style is right up Scoop’s alley. When he’s out on an island as a corner, he’s going to be that guy who can shut his man down so you can bring other pressure. That’s the kind of aggressive style that Syracuse likes to play.

If you’re going to play that style, you want your really good athletes on the outside and say, ‘hey, you’ve got no help out there. It’s just you.’ I think Scoop can fit real well into that.

”Or, Scoop can be the guy who is bringing pressure as well. He can be the aggressive guy that fits into that style at the same time. I think he brings a lot of versatility to a defense that needs a lot of versatility when you’re going to play as aggressively as they do.”

Junior Highlights:

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