Expert Analysis: Bradshaw to Syracuse

Florida Recruiting Analyst Corey Bender breaks down what Syracuse is getting in defensive back Scoop Bradshaw.

Syracuse landed their second commitment in less than 24 hours on Saturday when Tampa (Fla.) Plant defensive back Scoop Bradshaw pulled the trigger. spoke with Florida Recruiting Analyst Corey Bradshaw to find out what the Orange is getting.

Scouting Report

”The first thing that sticks out when you watch his highlight film is how fast the kid is. He has really good top end speed. He’s a real athletic kid. As far as him as a safety, he’s a well-rounded kid and good in coverage.

”He has good awareness and good instincts. He’s just a smart football player overall. He plays with a lot of physicality as well. He’s a kid who’s not afraid to get his nose dirty in the run game. Just a very smart football player.

”He diagnoses and then he attacks. He’s a striker. When he makes contact, he strikes. The one thing with his tackling that could get better is wrapping up. He does a lot of throwing his shoulder at a guy and try to sweep his legs out. The one thing he has to get better at is wrapping up.

”He’s a well-rounded safety as he’s both equally good against the run and the pass. I really like him. I think he’s a kid who is good in the box and diagnoses things pretty quickly. I think he’s a pretty good get for Syracuse. I’ve been high on him for a while.

”I’m surprised he doesn’t have more offers. He’s a kid who can play for a lot of power five schools.

”The one thing with him, is I’d like to see him attack the ball more at its highest point. They play a lot of zone at Tampa Plant from what I’ve seen. He shows good awareness and good instincts on the ball. He had several interceptions this past year. He just knows his assignment and does it well.

”As far as his coverage ability overall, he shows decent range. I would like to see him attack the ball a little bit more. A lot of the interceptions he had last year were off of deflections. There were a couple where he was dropping back and playing zone and read the quarterbacks eyes.

”I think he definitely has to get better in coverage. But the thing that sticks out to me is how physical he is.”

How He Fits

”I think he fits in well at Syracuse. His aggression will fit in well with Syracuse defenses. He’s a reliable kid. He’s a physical kid. He doesn’t get a ton of one-on-one chances in high school, because he’s always in the backfield. But he’s a smart kid who should be able to fit in well at Syracuse.

”Him being aggressive, he doesn’t shy away from contact. I think he fits in well as far as that goes. They can bring him up and have him provide pressure. He’s a perfect fit because he’s a guy that will hit hard.

”He definitely have to get better wrapping up, but he’s a kid who will hit you and hit you hard. You can do a lot of things with him. He’s a versatile guy. You can play him at corner or move him to safety.

”He’s a striker who brings a lot of contact.”

Junior Highlights:

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