Brouse Calls Syracuse Decision A No Brainer

Keystone State offensive tackle Noel Brouse details his decision to commit to Syracuse.

Allentown (Pa.) Parkland two-way lineman Noel Brouse committed to Syracuse on Thursday as an offensive tackle, one day after returning home from an unofficial visit. After taking the trip, seeing what the program had to offer and spending a lot of time with the coaches, he found the place that felt like home and ended his recruitment.

”I went on my visit yesterday,” Brouse said. “I was there for a very long period of time. The whole coaching staff and every single person up there just made me feel special. It was just unbelievable. The facilities, the coaching staff as I said, the players, I got to talk to a bunch of people up there and it just felt like the right fit. At that point, it was a no brainer that this was the place to be. For me, this is going to be an uprising program and it’s only going to go further ahead. So that was something that came to my mind in my decision.

”Coach Shafer, he and the whole staff up there, they have an awesome philosophy. It just made me feel great. They’re trying to get the best players up there and good people, which is something that also was an important part of my decision. So a bunch of those little things came into my mind. It just felt like a no brainer to me.”

Despite all of that, Brouse did not make his decision during his official visit. He considered committing, and felt like it would be a great decision. But wanted to utilize a bit of patience to make sure it wasn’t the excitement of the trip creating all of these feelings rather than the school itself.

”I really felt like I was going to commit there on the spot, to be honest,” Brouse said. “He (coach Shafer) gave me the opportunity and my parents were right there. He looked at my parents and asked if I was ready to go and make a decision. At that point I said I wasn’t sure and I wanted to sleep on it. Coach Shafer completely understood. He said, ‘if you’re 99% sure, be 100% sure tomorrow.’

”He said I could definitely call him tomorrow. I also wanted to talk to my head coach about it today and he felt the same way. He felt like this was a great opportunity to make this decision. I wanted to sleep on it as well and make sure it wasn’t all the hype from the visit. But today, I felt like it’s here and this is the right decision.”

It wasn’t just coach Shafer that made an impression on the 6-foot-5 lineman. His primary recruiter, Tim Daoust, and position coach, Joe Adam, were also integral parts of his recruitment along with the rest of the staff. Despite only offering a few weeks ago, they moved quickly to develop a strong relationship with their newest pledge.

”A lot of the coaches had a huge part in my decision,” Brouse said. “Coach Adam was one of them, my offensive line coach. He’s a great person. He treated my family and I very special. We had that bond. We connected right away.

”Along with him, coach Daoust as well. He recruits in our area and he came to our school. He had great things to say about me. He’s been recruiting me (hard) as well.”

Syracuse will be unveiling a new offense this fall under offensive coordinator Tim Lester. While how that will look on the field is still a bit of a mystery, from what Brouse understands, he fits the mold of what an offensive lineman will look like going forward.

”I think I fit in great,” Brouse said. “They really like how I’m a quick offensive lineman. They’re looking for my kind of feet and technique and speed. Where I can go and run. They’re trying to have a new idea of that. They feel like I have all of that.

”That’s what made me want to go there because it seemed like the perfect deal where I would fit in perfectly. They’re looking more for the quicker big guys who are good on their feet.”

Brouse is Syracuse’s second offensive tackle in the 2016 class, joining Cam DeGeorge out of Massachusetts.

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