Kastenhuber Closing In On Decision

Three-star inside linebacker Zachary Kastenhuber recaps Saturday's unofficial visit to Syracuse and discusses his decision timeframe inside.

Wallingford (Conn.) Choate linebacker Zachary Kastenhuber returned to Syracuse on Saturday for the first time since a late March visit. This time around, he was able to spend more time with the coaches and get a better feel for the academic side of things.

”Last time it was more of a brief visit,” Kastenhuber said. “I checked out the practice facility, the locker room, the weight room. Then basically just talked to coach Shafer and coach Bullough, Basically, that was that. Yesterday, I went to the Whitman (school). I talked to a dean and a couple people in there.

”Talked about potential majors and things like that. Then we did a tour around campus. Pretty much everything from dorms to cafeterias. Then I went back to the facilities and watched the rest of camp. Then I had a meeting with coach Shafer. That was pretty lengthy, just over an hour. Then I had another meeting with coach Lea and I broke down film with coach Lea and coach Bullough. We broke down defensive film.”

The conversation with coach Shafer was a big highlight. With his parents in tow, it allowed him and his family to get to know Scott Shafer the man in addition to Scott Shafer the coach.

”We talked about Syracuse, where it is for me and where it is on my list,” Kastenhuber said. “My father asked a couple of questions that he wanted to know. We just had a good talk.”

After meeting with coach Shafer, it was time to meet with defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough and linebackers coach Clark Lea. Those meetings were primarily focused on film study, defensive philosophy and scheme fit.

”I think I’m a perfect fit for their defense,” Kastenhuber said. “Some of the schemes they have with their blitzing, that’s really my specialty. I had 18 sacks in 10 games at my old school. We went over certain positions and blitzes and techniques and things like that.”

Kastenhuber is set to decide this coming Friday, June 26th. He will decide between Syracuse, Harvard, Connecticut, Yale, Dartmouth, Villanova and Army. The key to the Ivy League schools on that list is an upcoming SAT score.

If the score is high enough, Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth will all be under heavy consideration, as academics are important to the three-star inside linebacker prospect. If the score is not high enough, the choice will be between Syracuse, Connecticut, Villanova and Army.

Right now, he says Syracuse is very high on his list and will be under heavy consideration regardless of the SAT score.

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