Syracuse Coaches Make Big Impression on Fogg

The Syracuse coaches made a big impression on one of the top linebackers in the 2017 class during a recent visit. Tyshon Fogg breaks down where the Orange stand inside.

Baltimore (Md.) Calvert Hall outside linebacker Tyshon Fogg is one of the top players in the 2017 class. When Scout released their top 300 for that cycle on Wednesday, he came in at No. 168 overall and the 12th best at his position.

Last weekend, Fogg visited Syracuse, one of the schools that has been on him hard early in his recruiting process. The trip was a strong one for both sides.

”I went to Syracuse with the rest of the team because we actually went there for a camp,” Fogg said. “I had already camped at a couple of other places like UConn and Rutgers for a seven on seven. I just decided I would take an unofficial visit.

”I talked to most of the coaches. I talked to the linebackers coach (Clark Lea). I talked to coach Shafer. They were basically telling me that Syracuse is a good place. That if I keep working and I decided to go there, there’s a chance I could start during my freshman year.

”That’s pretty big with me,” he continued. “When I make my college decision, I want to play early and get on the field as fast as I can. Also, they took me around campus and took me to the different facilities and learning centers. I was pretty interested in that, especially because I want to be a neuro-surgeon.”

During the tour of the campus and the facilities, Fogg also got to check out the Heisman Trophy won by Ernie Davis. That was a moment that left an impression on the four-star linebacker.

”Definitely when I get to college football, that’s going to be a goal of mine,” Fogg said. “Trying to win a Heisman Trophy. Plus, I know the different stories of people like Jim Brown and everybody that went through Syracuse. That’s a big accomplishment.

”Plus, the number 44 too, that’s kind of cool too because of who wore it.”

The part of the trip that had the biggest impact on Fogg was speaking with the Syracuse coaches. His relationship with the coaching staff makes the Orange a real player in his recruitment.

”Coach Shafer and the rest of the coaching staff left a big impression on me,” Fogg said. “They’re really cool guys. They’re really down to earth. When I talked to them, they kept it real and didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear. We had conversations about my playing style.

”They gave me insight on my film. So you could tell they really watched my film and understood my playing style and how I fit into their defense. They had a really good impression on me from my standpoint. I really like the staff.”

From those conversations and his knowledge of the Orange defense, Fogg sees a perfect fit between his skill set and Syracuse’s system.

”I could see myself fitting into that system pretty good,” he said. “I’m like a hybrid safety and linebacker type guy. So I could be in the back, I can move up into the box. I think I fit that system really well because I’m a diverse player.

”Also, from when me and the coaches interacted, they know my mission as a player and I know their mission. It is something where I could be a real big asset to this team.”

Fogg left Syracuse with the Orange as one of his top choices. It is still very early in his recruitment, but Syracuse could not ask to be in a better position for one of the top players in the 2017 class.

”Definitely my relationship with the coaches is pretty strong,” Fogg said. “Out of my offers that I have right now, which is getting pretty deep, they’re definitely at the top of my offer list. I don’t have any order right now with my offers and the rest of them. But they’re definitely at the top right now.”

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