Still Room for Marquise Blair

Clarifying the situation regarding Marquise Blair and the availability of a scholarship for the former four-star safety and class of Syracuse signee.

There is some confusion regarding the status of Marquise Blair, Syracuse’s highest rated 2015 signee. Stephen Bailey of reported that Adam Giordano is a scholarship player at Syracuse. That is accurate information, but with a caveat of sorts.

He will not officially be put on scholarship until school starts this fall multiple sources told, meaning he will not count against the 25 scholarship limit for the 2015 class. That means there is still a slot available for Blair, despite a report to the contrary.

How does that work since Giordano is a class of 2015 prospect? Syracuse did nothing to trigger recruitment and the scholarship will not be granted until school starts. Therefore, he does not count against the NCAA’s limit of 25 players per class. Giordano did not taken an official visit, did not host Syracuse for an in-home and no letter of intent was signed. Because of these factors, including when he is put on scholarship, it is deemed that Syracuse did not trigger a recruitment of Giordano, per sources with knowledge of the situation.

Because recruitment was not triggered and Giordano is not added as a scholarship player until the fall semester begins, he does not count against Syracuse's class of 2015 numbers.

Was Syracuse creative in order to add another player to their roster and add insurance to the Blair situation? Absolutely. NCAA by-laws confirm our sources information (first noted by OrangeXTreme on Nonrecruited Student-Athlete Receiving Institutional Financial Aid. [FBS/FCS]
A student-athlete not recruited (per Bylaw 15.02.8) by the institution who receives institutional financial aid (based in any degree on athletics ability) after beginning football practice becomes a counter but need not be counted as an initial counter until the next academic year if the institution has reached its initial limit for the year in question. However, the student-athlete shall be considered in the total counter limit for the academic year in which the aid was first received.

This means Giordano will count against the 2016 recruiting class.

The latest with Blair is that they are still waiting on word from the NCAA regarding his academics. The NCAA is in the process of reviewing his transcrips and Syracuse hopes to hear something in the near future. Leading up to the NCAA’s review, everything heard was positive regarding Blair’s academic standing. His admission is improtant because he has a legitimate chance to start this season, or at a minimum crack the two-deep. will continue to update Blair’s situation as new information becomes available.

Blair Senior Highlights:

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