Holloway "Blown Away" by Syracuse Visit

Garden State defensive end Jamal Holloway recaps his second visit to Syracuse.

Camden (N.J.) High defensive end Jamal Holloway is Syracuse’s top target at the position in the 2016 class. He took a return visit on Thursday and said he was “blown away” by the trip.

A big reason why he was blown away was being able to meet a Hall of Famer that is part of the program and another figure to whom he looks up.

”Me and Mr. Little and Mr. Frazier, they were a couple of guys I kind of idolized,” Holloway said. “I can’t even explain it. I didn’t really expect to meet these guys. When I first saw them, I was just shocked.

”I didn’t even know they worked there. I was shocked. And they’re right next door to each other, that’s the crazy part. They’re best friends.”

Prior to the trip, Holloway indicated one of his biggest goals during the visit was to get a better feel for the academic side of the school. That had a big impact on the Camden High standout as well.

”I was really impressed with how they said they’re structured on how they want to run their system,” Holloway said. “The freshmen, the sophomores, juniors and seniors, they each have their own structured way of running academics. It’s great how they can help everybody out.”

Holloway spent most of his time on campus with his primary recruiter, assistant Bobby Acosta. The two discussed a variety of things, but most important was how wanted he is by the Orange coaching staff.

”He just talked about my future being at Syracuse,” Holloway said. “What it would be like being there. He showed me around more of the campus. More than what I’d seen the last time. I saw more of the science buildings where they have the astronomy class. I got a chance to see a couple more buildings like that. I saw the dorms.

”He kept telling me that I’m the number one target at defensive end. He was telling me that they really want me to commit to them. He was telling me that I’m a very big priority.”

Not only was Jamal blown away by the visit, but so were his parents. Syracuse made a big impression on them.

”My parents were very impressed by what they saw,” Holloway said. “They were blown away just like me. They were really shocked to see all this stuff. Meeting Mr. Frazier and Mr. Little, that helped out a lot. One thing that they said was good, was they kind of talk to all the student-athletes to keep them on track and stuff.

”I have no words to explain how honored we were to meet them.”

Holloway said Syracuse made a big impression on him during the visit and it had a strong impact on his recruitment.

”They’re definitely in the top five,” Holloway said. “They made a permanent spot.”

Despite being blown away, Holloway did not commit. He wants to let his recruitment play out a little big longer in order to make sure he finds the right fit.

Up next are a pair of visits. One to Rutgers on Monday, if they call him back to finalize, and then one to Old Dominion the following weekend. A decision will come after that, Holloway said, likely in late July or early August.

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