Neal Loves Syracuse Visit, Nearing Decision

Three-star athlete Moe Neal recaps his return trip to Syracuse and discusses his decision timeframe.

Three-star Gastonia (N.C.) Forestview High athlete Moe Neal has been one of Syracuse’s top 2016 targets for quite some time. He returned to the campus for a second visit on Thursday and stayed until Friday afternoon. This time, he was able to see different aspects of the school and the football program which gave him a better overall feel for Syracuse football.

”This time I got to watch a little 7-on-7 practice that they had,” Neal said. “I got to see the practice field and tour the campus. I got to see the dorms rooms where the freshmen stay and where you stay after your first year. The academic advisor, I got to meet with him. Those were some of the things I got to do this time that I didn’t get to do before.

”I love it. I loved everything. The academics, I love the academics. The coaching staff. I got to talk to the players. The quarterback A.J. (Long) and Erv (Philips). I was talking to them. I loved it. I had a great time.”

Long and Philips obviously want Neal to join them up at Syracuse as it is in their best interest to have as much talent on the roster as possible. But the two current Orange players were not pressuring Neal to commit on the spot. Rather advising him to follow his heart and find the best fit for him. That ultimately that is the most important thing about the recruiting process.

During the visit, Neal got to meet and speak with Syracuse legend and Hall of Famer Floyd Little. He tweeted out a picture of the moment on Thursday, and it was a highlight of the trip.

”I loved talking to Floyd Little,” Neal said. “He’s a real cool guy. He jokes around a lot. He was telling me about his decision that he made back in 1963. That was great to hear. It’s not every day you can talk to a Hall of Famer.”

Neal was not alone on the trip as his father accompanied him. As much as Neal was impressed by Syracuse, so was his dad.

”He also loved it,” he said. “He loved the academic side of it. He really loved the trip. I think he got to see a lot of things that he wanted to see.”

The three-star athlete is being recruited by Syracuse to play h-back. He spent time with his primary recruiter, DeAndre Smith, going over his role and how he would be used should he pick the Orange. That was something he also discussed with Erv Philips, as the two have similar skill sets.

”They expressed that a lot,” Neal said. “I got to meet with their coaches and with coach Smith and he expressed what I would be doing as the express back or h-back, whatever they’re going to call it. They expressed a lot that I’m a guy that can do both. Catch the ball, run routes, do handoffs and everything.”

Overall, Neal rated the visit a ten out of ten. It seems it could not have gone better for both Syracuse and for the Forestview High standout. He says the Orange are “very high” for him right now, but did not discuss an ordered list. Neal said he loved the visit and had a great time.

He did say, however, that he is planning to make a decision on August 1st. He currently does not have any other visits scheduled between now and them, but did not rule out the possibility.

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