Richardson Gets 1st Syracuse Assist

Syracuse freshman basketball player Malachi Richardson dishes out an assist to the football program with Jamal Holloway's recruitment.

New Syracuse football commit Jamal Holloway loves football, but has love for another sport as well. Basketball. Syracuse happens to have one of the best basketball programs in the country.

Not only that, but on the team is fellow Garden State product Malachi Richardson. Richardson and Holloway have been friends for a couple of years. During and after Holloway’s visit, the two spoke about life at Syracuse.

That discussion played a part in Holloway’s decision on Tuesday to commit to Syracuse, giving Richardson his first assist for Syracuse before he even plays in a game for the Orange.

”He told me more about the academic side,” Holloway said. “He really liked it. He felt like that would make him a better student and better student-athlete.”

Basketball has always been something Holloway has played and enjoyed playing. He hopes he has the chance to walk-on to the basketball team and join Richardson as part of that program as well.

”Yeah, absolutely,” Holloway said. “I would want to play with my friend Malachi Richardson. I’m going to see if I get the opportunity to do that. I can’t imagine not doing one sport. It was kind of my dream to play two sports in college and be successful at it.

”Also, I kind of looked up to (Donovan) McNabb and he did it. So that makes me want to do it.”

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