Syracuse Alters Practice Routine

Syracuse football head coach Scott Shafer details how the Orange have altered their practice routine to help better prepare the team for the upcoming 2015 season.

Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer dropped an interest tidbit on Monday after day two of training camp. He revealed a change in the way the Orange practice day-to-day. It’s a shift not only in the number of reps, but how they go through drills and help bring the youngsters along.

”What we’re doing this year is we’re kind of having a veteran practice and then following that up with a little freshmen work at the end,” Shafer said. “I really like the process with the freshmen because we get some one-on-one time with them as coaches. We can slow it down a little bit. Gear it down a little bit. They’ve been good. It’s a good group.

”We’d split fields a little bit more last year. This year we’re a little bit more condensed. The whole mindset now is fewer reps but more coaching, more technique work. Not being in a hurry up type mindset. Gives the coaches that opportunity to coach that five or six seconds of the play harder. Kids should be able to go harder because the practices are a little bit different than they were.

”Then by separating the young guys, it’s not just the freshmen, after practice, but kids that are maybe third or fourth on the depth chart. We’ve done it in the past other places I’ve been. It’s a model that Bill Walsh used when he was with the 49ers. Ninety minutes but it’s high execution. Trying to be perfect on every play with the techniques that are put forth to match the scheme. So far it’s been working out well. I like the look and I think it’ll give us the opportunity to work real hard in the weight room so we don’t lose the weight that was gained in the offseason.”

Coach Shafer added that when they are working with the freshmen, the veterans go back and get treatment as well as any cold tub time they may need. He said the time with the youngsters is only about 15-20 minutes long. Coach Shafer hopes this will help calm the freshmen a bit as well.

He really likes the process and believes it will help the team in terms of conditioning, health and execution going forward.

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