Lester Talks Freshmen Quarterbacks

Syracuse offensive coordinator Tim Lester breaks down his freshmen quarterbacks early in training camp.

After practice on Tuesday, Syracuse offensive coordinator Tim Lester discussed his freshmen quarterbacks, Eric Dungey and Kenterius Womack, with the media. Here is what he had to say.

”They’re both learning,” Lester said. “Every once in a while when they get a play they’re comfortable with, they’ll really be comfortable and let one out. They’re learning. They’re working hard. They both throw the ball well. It’s when the mental part catches up when we'll see the physical tools of what they can do arm strength wise.

”He’s (Womack) good. He gets quick at times. He tries to throw it too fast. He’s an all-state shortstop so I’m sure he’s trying to get the double play quickly. So we’re slowing him up a little bit. Both of those guys are like sponges. They just want to learn. They’re up there all the time, watching film, asking questions. Working with our quarterback G.A. (graduate assistant). I’m excited about them.”

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