Training Camp Notebook: Day Four

News, notes and observations from day four of Syracuse football training camp.

The first 20 minutes of practice at Syracuse football training camp were open to the media on Wednesday. Here is what we saw while watching the different drills and instruction.

-Defensive line worked on their calls and individual crashing assignments based on the offensive alignment.

Anthony Giudice was corrected by Chuck Bullough for the wrong call and lining up in the wrong stance on specific calls.

-Amir Ealey spoken to about body language by defensive line coach Tim Daoust. Subsequently praised for correcting it.

-Daoust seen praising and joking around with freshman Jake Pickard. He looks very, very long.

-Kayton Samuels looks like a different player than a year ago. Both in terms of body transformation and confidence in what he's doing.

-John Raymon was limited in practice and rode the stationary bike during some portions. He also spent time working one on one with coach Bullough on his assignments in certain line calls.

-Linebackers worked on coming out of breaks and catching passes to simulate an interception scenario. Coach Clark Lea pleased as most hung on to the pass.

-Defensive backs working on footwork in their backpedals and lateral movement.

-Quarterbacks took some center exchanges and practiced a three-step drop. Also worked on pocket footwork.

-Quarterbacks also there 5-8 yard passes to receivers.

-Both freshmen looked solid throwing the ball. Eric Dungey's motion was fluid and natural. You can tell Kenterius Womack is working on his form. He's thinking a little bit too much early on when throwing, but there's some solid arm strength there.

-Receivers spent time working on how to counter jam coverage, specially with hand placement and footwork.

-Jordan Fredericks, Rodney Williams, Dontae Strickland, Ervin Philips and Brisly Estime all worked on catching punts with coach Bobby Acosta. Specifically they were working on identifying the flight of the ball, getting behind it and catching the ball while moving forward to maximize yards gained on a return.

-Coach Acosta also emphasized ball security, routinely telling them to hold the ball "high and tight."

-Rodney Williams received praise for his ability to catch the ball while on the move.

-Coach Acosta also coaching up Brisly Estime, telling him "you have to be great at this."

-Riley Dixon spent time working with Kenterius Womack on his holding technique. Spent time instructing on hand placement when catching and how to quickly get the ball set up for his kicker.

-Dungey also worked on holding and Dixon gave him some instruction as well.

-Cole Murphy was 2/3 at the end of the open session on field goal attempts.

-Coach Shafer noted both Devante McFarlane and George Morris were among the standouts at practice. He said Morris broke off a few long runs, showing good burst. Also noted both are doing well in pass protection.

-Other standouts include Parris Bennett and Rodney Williams. Williams had a pick six in practice. Juwan Dowels was noted as well as he had a pick six on Tuesday. Steve Ishmael was noted as running good routes and showing good hands. Ben Lewis also made some plays.

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