Training Camp Notebook: Day Five

News, notes and observations from day five of Syracuse football training camp.

News, notes and observations from day five of Syracuse football training camp.

-True freshman Kenterius Womack wore a green jersey and worked with the wide receivers during the open portion of practice. He had previously worn the white jersey and worked with quarterbacks over the previous four practices.

-The defensive linemen were working on where to crash and stunt based on the alignment and movement of the offensive line. Tim Daoust and Chuck Bullough both spent extra time working with the freshmen defensive linemen on those assignments.

-John Raymon again did some work on the side as he is week-to-week with an upper body injury not considered serious.

-Redshirt freshman offensive lineman Denzel Ward continues to be limited with a lower body injury.

-Offensive linemen were working on coming out of their stance and driving the opposing linemen using their leg power and hand placement. True freshman Evan Adams had to do a couple extra reps to refine technique.

-Nick Robinson was praised by offensive line coach Joe Adam for his excellent technique in the drill.

-Kendall Moore is back with the tight ends after spending the spring trying to become an offensive lineman by adding weight.

-The defensive backs were working on their backpedals and coming in and out of their breaks.

-Punt returners were the same as previous practices. Dontae Strickland and Ervin Philips were both praised by assistant Bobby Acosta for getting behind the ball in order to gain forward leverage upon catching the punt.

-Jordan Fredericks also seems to be getting more comfortable returning punts.

-The quarterbacks were working on their footwork while having a coach swat a stick at their arms to simulate a defensive lineman attempting to strip the ball in the pocket. Freshman Eric Dungey fumbled in the drill and had to do push-ups as punishment.

-The wide receivers were working on changing direction while keeping their speed. Steve Ishmael and Alvin Cornelius both looked very fluid in their movement.

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