Training Camp Notebook: 8/24

News, notes and observations from Syracuse football training camp on Monday.

Syracuse took the practice field Monday evening in the first open session since returning from Fort Drum. Below are news, notes and observations from the portion open to the media.

-Defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough worked extensively with the defensive linemen. He was as intense as he has been throughout all of training camp. Bullough was expecting perfection in technique, and when he did not receive it, he forced players to repeat their repetition in the drill.

-The defensive linemen worked again on their assignments with certain calls based on the alignment of the offense. Specifically where to crash and stunt.

-The defensive linemen also worked on coming out of their stance and being explosive with their hands in order to shed blocks. A few of the true freshmen were asked to repeat this drill a few times when Bullough and Tim Daoust did not receive the results they wanted.

-The quarterbacks worked on center exchanges and seemed to be without incident. In the same drill, the receivers and backs were the targets on throws and practiced catching, tucking and turning upfield.

-The defensive backs worked on their backpedals and footwork.

-Ervin Philips, Brisly Estime and Jacob Hill worked on punt catching. Philips and Estime were both strong catching and getting in position to get upfield quickly. Hill dropped one and bobbled another.

-The special teams unit worked extensively on onside kicks. Going over their assignments based on the alignment of the other team and various types of kicks they can try to execute. Linebackers coach Clark Lea was coaching the group.

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