Fredericks Shines in Debut

Syracuse freshman running back explodes onto the scene with a 100 yard performance.

The hype surrounding true freshman Jordan Fredericks only grew throughout training camp. His high school tape was impressive, but he showed some flashes of being a dynamic runner this fall. In both the Fan Fest and Fort Drum scrimmage, he showed flashes of big time ability.

Real game action is a different story, however. And you never know how a freshman will react or respond to an actual game. Fredericks did so with over 100 yards and a touchdown in his debut.

”I had no idea that that would be the turnout,” Fredericks said. “I’m truly grateful for what I’ve done tonight. I just want to thank my o-linemen like I always do. They created the holes like always and I just used my feet and got the job done.”

Indeed he did. Fredericks ran with power, showing burst through the hole and running through arm tackles. He also showed speed in the open field on a couple of longer runs.

He was the best running back on the field Friday night. The true freshman has a bright future, and he is showing glimpses of that right away. With a Syracuse offense looking for as many playmakers as possible, Fredericks is emerging as one to be reckoned with.

It is only one game, but Fredericks had just about as strong a debut as possible. Over 100 yards in his first game is a pretty strong statement. He started with a 31-yard run on his first carry, exploding through a hole and getting to the second level after breaking tackles along the way.

”The gap just opened up, created the hole, and like I always do, I just ran,” Fredericks said. “That’s it. I try not to think anything. I just ran and when I get tackled, I get tackled.”

In the third quarter, Fredericks scored his first collegiate touchdown. It was just a 13-yard run, but evidenced why he has so much potential. He took the handoff up the middle, darted to his right to avoid one tackler, used a block and then powered through two other tacklers to get into the endzone.

Syracuse takes on Wake Forest in week two, and hopes Fredericks will be just as explosive.

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