Eric White Details how Syracuse Balances Time Between Recruiting & Team During Bye Week spoke with Syracuse football Director of Recruiting Eric White to breakdown how the Orange balance their bye week time between recruiting and the current season.

As we have documented and provided details for our premium members, the Syracuse football coaching staff has hit the recruiting trail during their bye week. Most notably, offensive coordinator Tim Lester watched two quarterbacks perform in person and offensive line coach Joe Adam handed out several offers in Florida. 

While the team had a bye week and there was no game, that does not mean the season is on hold. There is still work to be done, film to review and an upcoming opponent for whom to game plan. That means there needs to be an adequate balance between recruiting and in-season activities. 

How does Syracuse find that balance? It starts with Director of Recruiting Eric White. 

“A couple weeks before the bye week, I’ll submit to coach Shafer the bye week schedule as I would like it,” White said. “When we go on the road and see recruits, where the coaches should be. I put together a plan to maximize our time on the road. It probably is a bit biased since I tend to lean more towards recruiting since that’s my job. 

“Coach Shafer will look at it and he’ll adjust it because he’ll kind of be the median that will balance everything out. I’ll tell to try to push recruiting more, where he will be the more objective one in the room and we’ll be smart about it. Then we’ll balance it out and from there I’ll adjust my schedule to maximize the days he’s permitted us be on the road and we’ll go from there.”

Currently, the Orange are in the middle of year three of the Scott Shafer era. Over that time, the coaching and recruiting staff have developed a plan that works for them. They have found out what works and what does not. 

The only challenge this season is squeezing in-season recruiting trips into one bye week. In past years, there have been two bye weeks in which to spend time on the road. But Syracuse already has a solution to that problem. 

“I think we’re on a good pace now,” White said. “Last year, I know we had two bye weeks. So it was different because we could go out two different times. This year we only have one. It’s a little bit more of a tighter window this year because it was convenient when we had two bye weeks. We were able to get out there more. 

“This year we only have one bye week so we have to maximize our time. We have to look at away games when we’re on the road to see if there’s any recruits playing in that area. We can send someone out a day early to see their schedule and go scout them.”

Sending someone down early to see kids in the area of a road game will start this week against the South Florida Bulls. Syracuse is expected to see three-star inside linebacker prospect Jonathan Jones among others.

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